Monday 24 January 2011

I Want Candy ♥

So I know i've been quiet for a few days! I promised to post on Saturday but I got home in the afternoon and just didn't feel like preparing a post!

Lazy... yes

I know, and i'm sorry!

Then I thought, ooh I actually have an idea of who to dedicate a Super Sunday post to... for once!

But now that i've made it a fortnightly thing... you'll have to wait until NEXT Sunday!

Right anyway on with today's post

I spent Friday morning working on a new digital cupcake file

here's the finished image... (click it for a full view)

it includes the cupcakes from the files i've made recently + a tidied version of an old drawing from LAST YEAR'S Valentine's Day montage

I honestly haven't a clue where i'm going with this whole 'cupcake' thing but i'm enjoying drawing, colouring and embroidering them so who knows what i'll draw next!

I actually made this particular file in 'landscape' to fit a very cute little frame I bought last Wednesday afternoon

remember the rococco style frames I put around my  'sweet' and 'eat me' cupcakes???

well just look at this lovely little frame!

Isn't it divine! So super duper cute I just love it

I literally could not resist that scrumptious candy coloured pink

I bought another one as well but that was white... to begin with!

But as you can see... I painted it a sweet sugary shade of pink :-D

i think the frames suit the cupcakes perfectly to be honest, just the right mix of girly cuteness and super duper sugary sweetness...

* * *

and now for the Little Dolls...

well, those of you that have seen the pages from my 'Where's Charlie?' picture book might remember this scene in the dance studio...

well i had a go at creating a little ballet costume for Little S...

it's not quite the same i know, but it was tricky enough to make the 2D dress for the book let alone make a 3D one for the doll!

and as for Little B...

well she took the opportunity to dress up as a Fairy Princess
i'm not sure what i'll make for them next, i should really make a start on making Little B's little sister... Little H

* * *

that's pretty much it for today dudes and dudettes 

day off tomorrow which means i'll sleep in late and watch many movies...

until next time,

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ★ xX

ขอบคุณ มาก และการ ลาก่อน

(that's thank you and goodbye in Thai on behalf of Thailand, another beautiful country that i've sadly not been lucky enough to have visited... yet! )