Monday 11 April 2011

Little Lollipops ♥

super short but sweet post today folks

sweet being the operative word here since i've literally spent the day sewing up a set of five little plushie lollipops (while watching/listening to all of my Mighty Boosh DVD's)

they're for a lady in South Carolina who wanted a little set of girly lollipops to go in a vase in her daughters room

well they're all done now, would you like to see them?

of course you would . . .

she wanted them in all different shades of pink but the Island's few craft shops only seem to stock 3 colours so i had to use these purply ones as well

they're a little different to the usual lollies i make, mainly because i used satin ribbon for the stripes this time as well as embroidery floss

i hope they're ok, i mean i hope the customer who ordered them will be happy with them! hopefully i'll be able to post them out tomorrow

they were fun to make though, i love making these since i always get to use lots of girly colours and ribbons (and you all know how much i love ribbon)

anyway i'd be happy to sew together a new one for anyone out there that wants to get one (or two . . . or five!)

they're available individually or in sets of five from my little esty shop - The Candy Cove

i actually made another little lollipop a few weeks ago, a friend commissioned one as a gift for his mum for Mother's Day

now the photo is awful quality i know but i used big pink ric-rac and tiny ric-rac for the stripes + added a little matching tag

i have to make a start on a new mini plushie cupcake charm necklace tonight for a friend at College who really wants one 

i didn't think people were that bothered about them but if anyone else wants one, let me know and i'll list them on the shop

i also need to get cracking on another little Fawn plushie for a Twitter friend who wants a pink/lilac one for her baby daughter's room

i'm going to add a felt flower to the ear (maybe) instead of a weird necklace thing + a little gingham bow on the front, hopefully i'll be able to make this one less flawed! 

i'm using thicker, better felt so fingers crossed it'll look fab when it's done

* * *

nothing else for today, 

tomorrow i'm heading out to celebrate my mum's Birthday, we're going to have lunch at the Alpine (for a change) and mooch around the shops so she can spend all of her Birthday gift vouchers

that's all folks . . .

◕‿◕ ★ xX