Wednesday 6 October 2010

Colours and Crayons ♥

i wasn't planning on doing a post today but then Mike told me he was writing a new post... so how could i not do one as well!!! 

his post was actually pretty interesting, i'm not much of a Photography nerd (like i am when it comes to Art History... ah i'm a nerd, so shoot me!) but i still like learning about new photographers almost as much as i like learning about new artists. 

anyway, it was a good post, well done Clarkey - 50 photographers of tomorrow.

another gloomy day today really, i'm still ill... you know, just for a change! ah but... it is also my darling little niece's 10th Birthday today! yaaaay!!! so i would like to give her a special shout out and wish my gorgeous niece Daisy, a very super duper Happy Birthday. 

in other news... i was browsing some random blogs today (you know... as you do) and i saw this amazing little picture of some hand carved wax crayons by super duper Vietnamese born artist Diem Chau. 

aren't they amazing! so detailled, such a clever idea as well! 

i've always adored wax crayons, there's something about them that automatically takes me back to my childhood. i'm sure it's the same for most people. for me wax crayons conjure up art lessons in reception class (aged 4) scrawling marks that were supposed to resemble trees and flowers but in fact looked more like rainbow vomit on paper...

ah good memories! i was always naughty though... i used to deliberately snap my wax crayons (well it was ridiculously easy to break them) or rip the paper labels off them. though of course... the worst thing was when i worked out that heat... melted the crayons! 

cue my mum and dad finding hideously melted multicoloured streaks of wax crayons on pretty much every radiator in the house! it fascinated me! the way the heat of the radiator could melt the crayons right before my eyes! come on... to a 5 year old THAT is verrrry cool!

suffice to say... i wasn't allowed wax crayons after that! at least not at home...

didn't stop me luuurving them though! in fact i'm going to have to get myself a box of them i think! anyway, after seeing the image above it made me wonder... there must be other 'crayon carvers; out there, so i did some research...

now this truly INCREDIBLE set of carved wax crayons is by a guy called Pete Goldlust. he's also a sculptor and painter but it was his crayon carving skills that really grabbed my attention. aren't they fabulous! check out his website here for more examples of his awesome work - Pete Goldlust
they're just SO intricately detailled! the spiral one is definitely my favourite! very, verrry magnifique! 

then i also found these marvellous little crayon sculptures by... Diem Chau (again). now if i thought the little totem pole style carvings were good... these are just truly gorgeous! these tiny little figures are so, soooo cute!

aren't they just darling! i'm tempted to buy a box of them myself! 
or maybe not... 
these easily destroyed wax crayon sculptures created with a deft hand and a carving knife can cost up to (and beyond) $199 each!!! but they are adorable! and rather super duper i must say!

Diem Chau is clearly one very super duper and genius lady! check out her gorgeous website here - Diem Chau 
check out her truly adorable little miniatures as well (the origami table one is my favourite)  

and that's it really, i guess the point of this crayon ramble is that... crayons make me happy! 

why?! because they remind me of a time when i didn't have to worry about college logbooks and commissions and the scary SCARY future! 
a time when the only thing i ever had to dread was having to visit the dentist (i still dread that) or being poorly enough to need a spoon of calpol... 

ah childhood, where did you go? 
COME BACK!!!!!!!!! 


and on that highly nostalgic and amusing note, i shall bid you all adieu!

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ♥ xX