Wednesday 16 December 2009

Festive Fun

well... tomorrow i am getting the boat to Lancaster then driving to Coventry to drop of presents at my sisters house, i'm staying overnight in Coventry then the next day i'm driving down to Dover, catching the train across to Calais, then driving across to Belgium, staying the night in Calais before returning to the UK and to Coventry the next day. then a few more days in Coventry before a trip to Birmingham, back to Coventry then back to Lancaster to catch the boat home...

so yeah... busy few days ahead of me!!!

on a lighter less stressful note... my latest Festive themed illustration is being featured on the front page of the 'Holiday Gallery', scroll down throught the thumbnails it's number 18 on the list! here's the link -

and here's a screencap showing it on the front page (proud moment alert!!)

so now all i have left to say is... Merry Christmas!
lots o' luv from Jade xxxxxx