Tuesday 29 September 2009

College times :-D

Well... i'm in my 3rd week back at College now, it's fun to be back with all my friends as well as getting the chance to make new ones (there are lots of new students) but it's kind of odd being a second year, apparently i'm supposed to be a lot older and wiser etc, but i just feel like a boring old growny up!
on the plus side, i have been doing a LOT of work including some groovy ceramics, textiles and printmaking as well as fashion illustration and looooads of Art History.
and i just found out that 4 of my pictures have been chosen for the annual 'Haunted House' display site on artwanted.com which is pretty cool. ok so loads of other people got stuff on the site as well but i'm still pretty chuffed about my 4 pictures! here is a screen cap of the site showing my 'Killer Zombie Heels' on the front page (it's picture number 20 at the mo!)

feel free to check out the rest of my portfolio as well, it's full of all my quirky little illustrations

peace out dudes and dudettes :-D x

Thursday 3 September 2009

rainy days and gloomy nights

Well the days grown colder and the imminent return to College becomes more annoying, yes the Summer is over at last (at least it is on the Isle of Man) at least it's cold and gloomy enough for me to prance around in my lovely winter coat! oh and I'm still struggling to do any (much needed) logbook work, i have however been drawing away like a trooper here are four of my latest 'Girls'
as per usual, i've been watching a lot of movies, Kill Bill has obviously inspired me (see Beatrix Kiddo and Gogo Yubari in the top pic) that and my regular doses of 'True Blood' (oh i just can't get enough!) the girl on the far right of the bottom pic is my 'Fangtasia Girl' (inspired by the Vampire club in True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris). i'm a little bit low at the moment though, almost all of my friends are shooting off to University over the next few weeks, i feel ridiculously left out and very alone right now. i've hardly anything else to do but wander around the house drawing and watching movies, or visiting the local museum... and wandering round there as well. hhhmmm i really need to get out more!
lots o' luv dudes and dudettes :-D x

ps-how super excited am i for the new Mika album??? you guessed it... absoflippinglutelycompletelyandutterlyridiculouslyexcitipated!!! :-)