Sunday 13 February 2011

Super Sunday #9 ♥

so... it's the second Sunday and you know what that means...

it's time for another Super Sunday post!!!

wow, can't believe we've almost hit 10 Super Sunday posts already! that's flown by... scary stuff!

anyway, this week it's a fabulously fashionable little dedication

i figured that i'd rambled on about my favourite artists/illustrators for enough weeks in a row so i thought it would be nice to have a stylish post again

so without any further ado, this weeks Super Sunday post is dedicated to the fabulous, the fashionable, the totally estupendo y muy bueno... 

Jasmin Rodriguez aka Vintage Vandalizm

so who is she i hear you cry?!

well allow me to fill you in on this super styling se├▒orita...

Jasmin Rodriguez (aka Vintage Vandalizm) is a Puerto Rican super duper stylist, model, writer, designer, blogger, artist and all round fashionista living in New York (update 2014, she now lives in Las Vegas!)

she writes the most awesome blog posts about her super fashionable life + always posts amazing photos of her shopping sprees/nights out/fashion shoots

now i follow quite a few fashion blogs (including Jane Aldridge's 'Sea of Shoes' and Tavi Gevinson's 'The Style Rookie') but Jasmin's blog has got to be my top fave. 

it's the fashion blog i go back to time and time again whether i need inspiration for a painting, a new illustration, make-up tips or ideas for an outfit, her blog never fails to supply exactly what i'm looking for!

so why is she one of my style icons?! (because let's face it, she is!)

well for starters her style is massively influenced by all things Pinup and Rockabilly (and we all know what a Pinup fan i am right...) she loves to mix styles from the 40's, 50's and 60's too, yet she puts her own unique twist on every look no matter which decade it's inspired by!

add to this the fact that she always dresses in a very pretty feminine way even if she's wearing trousers, she still manages to look feminine. it may sound daft but so many style bloggers nowadays just focus on wearing the latest trends and designer labels and disregard the rest!

as Jasmin herself put it "I think the world is too fixated on trends that people tend to forget who they are and what they like"

she's also an avid vintage shopper and despite having a wardrobe to die for packed with some verrrrry desirable designer pieces, some of her best looks have consisted of 'thrifted' vintage items or smart sale buys. she really is a super styling shopaholic! 

she always looks fabulous, she always dresses in her own unique style and she always looks totally gorgeous!

it doesn't seem to matter what she's doing, she could be out grocery shopping and you can bet she'll still be looking fab! it's that sense of glamour about her, it reminds me of Dita Von Teese (check out a previous Super Sunday post all about her here - Super Sunday #4) that timeless quality of glamour, no matter what the occasion or location.

Jasmin has it too and just like la Dita, she always dresses to impress

she's such a doll! i just love her, she ALWAYS looks fabulous

it's not fair really is it! she's super talented and let's face it... a total superstar!!!

she's modeled for a ton of awesome websites, magazines, brands etc etc and recently she even modeled for Bernie Dexter Clothing 

as you can see, she looks totally 50's fabulous in the pics from the shoot

i've been a fan of Jasmin's blog for about a year and a half now and i never get tired of her fun, fabulous and fashionable posts 

the thing is, living on the Isle of Man means i don't really have many places to get 50's fashion advice (apart from Charlotte... who is leaving me to go back to England!) so Jasmin's blog is a great source to go to (along with several other 50's/vintage fashion sites, of course) 

her blog is a great place to visit though, even if you're not a massive 50's fan, she has a generally awesome sense of style and is never afraid to be herself

it was actually around this time last year i first decided to have a go at drawing some VV inspired art

i can't believe it's been a year already! seems like only yesterday!!!

there are three VV pieces i worked on


'the Vintage Vandals'

inspired by this gorgeous Moschino dress from Jasmin's lookbook

you can read her full post about the illustrations HERE

there's also...

'Jasmin in Wonderland' (click image for full view)

inspired by this post where Jasmin co-ordinated outfits based on 4 characters from 'Alice in Wonderland' - wonderland fashion

you can read the VV post about the artwork HERE

Jasmin also hires out her styling expertise to people in New York, she'll be your personal stylist/shopper and find exactly the look you're looking for

i know my friend Charlotte (aka Loretta Jane's Vintage Boutique) is also a massive 'Vintage Vandalzim' fan and i guess it's our shared dream to one day head over to New York and go on a 50's fashion shopping spree with Jasmin

who knows! it might happen... one day

* * *

ok time for some lovely links

here's Jasmin's Twitter page - @VintageVandal

here's Vintage Vandalizm on tumblr - VV tumblr

here's the official Vintage Vandalizm facebook page - VV facebook

and of course, her super duper website/blog - Vintage Vandalizm

enough mindless gushing?! ok i'll stop now, but you KNOW she's awesome!

* * *

back to college for me tomorrow, assessment this week...

this is NOT a good thing and i AM going to be killed by my tutors because although i have about 19-20 pieces of artwork to show, i have 0 logbook pages

this = me dead soon

anyway, enjoy the rest of your Sunday dear readers

until next time, that's all folks...


muchas gracias y adios

(that's thank you and goodbye in Spanish on behalf of Puerto Rico, i couldn't remember if i've done a thank you for them before but i know that Jasmin is Puerto Rican so i thought a Spanish farewell was fitting, gracias mu├▒eca ♥)