Saturday 15 January 2011

Super Sock Monkey ★

hello again dudes and dudettes,

so this Saturday i decided to stay cooped up inside (it's cold and rainy outside so... no thanks) in the cosy warm and have a go at making some more felt creations

the plan hasn't exactly gone accordingly, in fact I may have accidentally spent the day so far watching Disney films and eating far too much coconut ice

but there's always tomorrow right!

anyway, i have some new 'sewing bits' to share with you

remember the little felt duck kit i mentioned in this post - Threads and Thimbles ♥

well my mum also got me a 'sock monkey' kit for Christmas

i had intended on spending Christmas day making it but i just ended up watching movies and eating chocolates...

so on Thursday evening when our internet service decided to give up on life, i cracked out the sock monkey kit and tried to have a go at making my very own super duper sock monkey

firstly, the kit made ZERO sense to me! so i abandoned the instructions and totally improvised...

the result actually didn't turn out too bad!

considering this is the FIRST sock monkey I've attempted to make EVER... I'm quite pleased with how he turned out!

i mean yes, he has a slightly wonky eye and yes the stitches are abysmal... but do i care?!

not that much actually!

after much deliberation i have decided to name him Seth since he shares the same initials as the truly fabulous and great Mr Seth MacFarlane (read my Super Sunday post about that Seth here - Super Sunday #3)

* * *

i also made THIS on Thursday at College

it's stitched into a piece of black card and it took aaaaages to do!

it's supposed to be a lollipop but some people have told me they think it looks like a flower so... whatever it is, it's pretty colourful i'm sure you'll agree

* * *

in other news, i finally organized my floss/embroidery silks

i know... that sounds so exciting doesn't it!

i bet you're overwhelmed by how thrilling my life is...

would you like to see a photo?

of COURSE you would!!!

there you go!

isn't it smashing!

tell you what, for that extra thrilling fun factor, here's a photo of some beads and sequins too!!!

gosh i really do spoil you!!!

* * *

continuing this terribly boring day to day theme, i also updated my Tumblr with a new girly theme

it's all in pinks, purples and blues

check out my Tumblr here, if you want to... - the jaded one

at the minute it's full of pretty girly looking stuff, which makes a change seeing as i usually just post Doctor Who + Family Guy related things on there...

* * *

thrilling as always right...

it's a Sunday tomorrow which means i really REALLY should do a Super Sunday post!

the only problem is... i haven't a clue who to post about!

here's hoping i come up with an idea in the next 24 hours

until next time...

(here's a headache inducing gif of my usual farewell message)

◕‿◕ ★

Hvala i doviÄ‘enja

(that's thank you and goodbye in Croatian on behalf of Croatia, i visited Croatia last September when i went to Montenegro for a wedding, it's a really beautiful country, hopefully i'll get to visit it again someday, hvala x)