Thursday 23 December 2010

Presents, Pullips and Daft Punk ♥

i am starting to get so sooooo excited about Christmas Day!!!

it's so close i can practically taste that wrapping paper...

speaking of wrapping paper, i discovered a pile of prezzies for ME today...

my mum has obviously been very busy this year wrapping stuff and sprinkling bows everywhere by the looks of it...

these ones are ALL for me but check out the piles of prezzies currently laid out in our lounge

now that's just cruel! it's only Christmas Eve tomorrow, i want to open something NOW!!!

it all looks very festive and fun though, check out the sparkly tree above

my mum won't allow me near that one but she always does a lovely job of decorating it all herself so i can't really complain...

THIS is my little tree which is put in the hallway to brighten it up a bit

 as you can see MY tree is very colourful and absolutely chock full of bright baubles!

seriously... there's like three baubles to a branch! it's insane

also... MY tree has fluffy pink lights (courtesy of my older sister Simone) and a super cute hand-sewn fairy from Accessorize

i think we all know who's tree wins...

* * *

in other news, i started gathering research for a possible new college/illustration project today, i'll give you a clue to what it's about shall i...

yaaaay that's right, it's going to be about all things super cute and kawaii!

it's something that's fascinated me for years and i think it's about time i have a go at bringing some of it into my art work!

i've drawn 'Angelic Pretty' style dresses before but i've never really made any proper illustrations based on any of this stuff

also... Pullips will probably be involved somewhere as well, 

now i have of course drawn Pullips before... a few times in fact

what can i say... they fascinate me as well! that's why i like to draw them, sadly i don't own one myself but a Pullip doll or even a cute little Blythe is definitely on my 'to buy' list

there's something so cute about them don't you think!

* * *

anyway, that's it really i guess

i'm hoping to go and see 'Tron Legacy' at some point next week so i've been listening to the Daft Punk soundtrack on repeat all day, how can i describe it in one word... EPIC!!!

you can listen to the main track from the film 'Derezzed' RIGHT here right now + watch some awesome clips from the Movie...

i cannot stop listening to this track... also, how awesome is Michael Sheen in the opening of the clip! not that i'm biased or anything but hey... Michael Sheen is generally awesome anyway!

oh i love it so much! i was a massive Daft Punk fan already but i fully LOVE the stuff they've done for 'Tron' it is so soooo SO good!

in fact i haven't looked forward to a movie this much in a long time... 

apart from 'Tangled', i'd been looking forward to that for almost three years (Disney nerd... sorry) and it was AMAZING!

right well, i'll no doubt be extremely excited about Christmas Eve tomorrow so expect a flurry of frivolously fun and fancy festive images

until then, that's all folks... 

♥ ◕‿◕ xX