Tuesday 3 May 2011

Silly Little Strawberries ★

so today i have been very VERY busy

i woke up early (early for me!) and finished off a logo commission for a local company, then i edited a packaging design for another local business, then i locked myself away in my sewing cave (aka my bedroom) which is where i've been cooped up for the rest of the day

but look at what i made!!!

i finally used some of the flower patterned felt i bought aaaaages ago + some lovely little scrap fabric bits and pieces to make this little kimono

it took forever to make though since i sew everything by hand, my mum attempted to set up the old sewing machine for me but it just won't work, i wasted a good hour this morning on it but it just keeps jamming and making scary buzzing noises so i gave up!

anyway this little lovely is called 'Kimiko' and i hope you like her

i made another new little doll as well, little being the operative word since i messed up the templates a bit and ended up with much smaller body parts, the plus side was that she's so small the little blue dress i made yesterday actually fits her

but that's not all folks because as you may have gathered from today's blog title, i've not JUST been sewing dolls . . .

thaaaaat's right! i've been making some strawberry charms

quite a few in fact since i actually ended up making seven!!!

i made them all this afternoon after drawing some strawberries for a clients logo design, i guess it inspired me!

these are very similar to the first strawberry charm i made

you know . . . this one

only this time i used tiny glass seed beads for the pips instead of french knots, mainly to save my sanity but also because a little bit of sparkle is nice

what do you think?

tomorrow i'm heading into college to try and catch up on everything that i've missed + get some more sewing done, i'm thinking maybe cupcakes or toadstools for tomorrow!

tata for now 

that's all folks ◕‿◕ ★ xX