Tuesday 16 August 2011

Lovely Kinsale ♥

so today i got to re-visit Kinsale, one of my top favourite towns in Ireland!!!

i had a lovely day there last August and today was even better!

i've come to Ireland with my parents but we went our separate ways once we'd reached the town (as we always do during our visits to Kinsale!) since they like to visit the café's and restaurants and i'm more interested in exploring all the little gallery shops and stores!

unsurprisingly, today was a real treat shop wise! Kinsale has some of the most amazing little independent shops that i've ever visited!

there's just something about Kinsale that i really love! the people are all so friendly, it's chock full of amazing little restaurants and shops + everything is so colourful, it's all just sooooo pretty to look at!!!

i LOVE visiting Kinsale!

funnily enough though, my first stop of the day was at the gorgeous little "Sunday's" 50's themed ice cream parlour!

i visited this place last year and (see old post - kicking back in Kinsale) was sooooo happy to see that it was still there this year!

so today my 'breakfast' was a scrumptious scoop of fresh raspberry ripple (full of real raspberries) topped with rainbow sprinkles!!!

the ice cream parlour is so divine though! i absolutely LOVE the decor!!! i could happily sit in there all day!

big thanks to the lovely Carmen for letting me snap some photos :)

after that i mooched around a few of the little gallery shops and stationary shops before i spotted this magical looking place!

now for some inexplicable reason, i missed visiting the "Stone Mad Gallery" last year!!! i was probably too busy trying to get my camera to work or something!

anyway, i found it THIS year and that's all that matters!

it was amazing in there! so much pretty stuff, i couldn't really concentrate and i didn't know what to look at first!!!

after that i popped round the corner to "Jello" next door, another magical place bursting with the most gorgeous garments and accessories! 

it had such beautiful stuff in there! once again i barely knew where to begin! all so pretty

big, BIG thanks to the lovely John in 'Stone Mad' for telling me about the shops nearby and for sending me next door + to the very awesome Jill for running such fab shops in the first place!

you can check out more of their amazing stuff on their groovy blog - Stone Mad Gallery

next i sat in the sunshine for a bit and chatted to a lovely old Irish lady named Mary (who liked to say 'feck' a lot... i liked her, she was brilliant!!!)  

and waited to visit a new shop that i'd spotted during my wander around the town... and boy am i GLAD that i waited to go and see it!!!

the shop is called "PaNdEmOnIuM" and it is sooooooo brilliant i can't even begin to explain how epic it is when you step in the door! a real treasure trove of vintage goodies for your home and your wardrobe!

 absolutely LOVE the mixture of old and new in there though! vintage furniture and clothing alongside contemporary art, thrifted cushions and throws coupled with lacy burlesque corsets, vintage china tea-cups and platform iron-fist heels!

love, love LOVE it!

i spent over an hour in there actually just chatting to Tracey the owner (who also treated me to a delicious fresh mango smoothie down the street as well, so thanks again for that!)  

and MASSIVE thanks to the very lovely Tracey for letting me mooch around the shop taking photos! :)

for more info about the shop, be sure to check out the Facebook page - PaNdEmOnIuM

after that i found my mum and took her to visit another brilliant new shop, a truly scrumptious sweetie shop full of a rainbow of candy and chocolate!!!

you can check out more about the shop on it's Facebook page - Aunty Nellie's Sweet Shop

* * *

here's the rest of the photos i took during the day! if you're ever down in County Cork i strongly urge you to go and have a day out in Kinsale, you will NOT regret it i promise you!!! there's something there for everyone and if you like ANY of the same stuff i like... i know you'll love it!


* * *

not much else to tell you today! i bought some gorrrrgeous stuff today in Kinsale but this post is already jam packed with loveliness so i'm afraid all that will have to wait for another day... tomorrow most likely!

so until then, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX