Tuesday 8 February 2011

Arty Flakes ★

so... i'm still not very well! 

went to see my Doctor on Monday and she couldn't work out what was wrong with me either!

so suffice to say, it's not all super duper at the moment...

anyway, i do have some gooooood news to share with you all (at least)

as of today, my artwork is available to buy via a POD (print on demand) site


this is exciting stuff for me since i've never been signed to a POD site before!!!

in fact my work has never even been available to buy anywhere before now!

there are a few newly updated pieces on the site as well including special versions of my 'Where's Charlie?' picture book pages

so if you'd like to buy any of my work as a poster print, a little greetings card or a biiiigggg pretty framed picture for you or as a gift for someone else...

now you can!

here's my Artflakes shop - Jade Boylan on Artflakes

now bear in mind that i don't set the prices for this stuff! all i'm doing is supplying the artwork, it's up to them to get the prints/frames etc sorted

at the minute there are only 15 images on there available to buy but i'll be uploading more over the next few days

most of it is children's picture book style illustration, lots of candy pictures, some old faves

the site is in German and English, with prices in € £ $

and they definitely DO ship worldwide

my work mostly fits into the 'zeitgenössisch' (contemporary), 'küche' (kitchen) and mädchen (girl) categories at the moment, just in case you were wondering what the tags on the site meant

also if there's any particular image you'd like to buy a print of and it's not on the site, just let me know and i'll get it uploaded for you

if you pop by the shop then don't forget to 'like' my artist page as well

* * *

in other news...

there isn't really any other news!

i'm still ill, still fed up, still heading into Douglas tomorrow for a 'business meeting'

more about that tomorrow evening, probably!

until then

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ★ xX

muchas gracias y adios

(that's thank you and goodbye in Spanish on behalf of Costa Rica, gracias xX)