Saturday 14 August 2010

exploring times in co Cork

today i headed out of Cork city for a bit of an exploration of the surrounding area. county Cork is pretty massive so it didn't take me long to find some other darling little places to have a mooch around.
i ended up in Midleton first and had a spot of breakfast before winding up in Youghal.

then it was on to the pretty little Georgian seaside town of Cobh.
everywhere you looked there were gorgeous examples of Georgian and later Victorian architecture (come on... you know what an architecture fangirl i am!) it was sublime

i also found out that Cobh is the last place the Titanic ever stopped before it's fateful voyage across the Atlantic. apparently after it left Liverpool it stopped off briefly at Cobh to pick up more passengers before heading off towards New York.

it was a cute town, there was a nice party atmosphere today as well since it's the annual Cobh Peoples Regatta this weekend.
there were bands and dance troupes everywhere with a little fun fair + lots of popcorn and candyfloss stalls dotting the streets.
i treated myself to a big ice cream once the sun decided to pop out for a while.

so not much shopping today, in fact... shock horror NONE at all!!!

tomorrow i'm going for a nice Sunday lunch in Lismore, one of my favourite little towns in co Waterford, i stayed there a couple of years ago and just fell in love with the place so i'm looking forward to getting to see it again tomorrow

i'll make up for the lack of shopping times i promise, i'll be heading back into Cork city centre on Monday or maybe to Waterford city centre instead... either way there WILL be shops and i WILL be shopping

ciao folks ◕‿◕ xX