Sunday 7 August 2011

Creative Café #9 ★

hi folks... yes i know, i've been a VERRRY bad blogger this week! but the truth is i have been terribly lazy! i haven't left the house since Tuesday and i've been busy working on commission designs + some little alterations for my website!

anyway i thought we could end the week on a colourful note with another super duper Creative Café feature!!!

so go on, go and get your tea/coffee/ice cold lemonade, grab a biscuit or a cake (or both...) and get comfy for a lovely creative post!

today's feature goes out the the very awesome and very talented Naomi C Robinson aka Nyha Graphics aka Ni

Ni is a marvellously multitalented illustrator and graphic designer from London, UK

i only discovered Ni's work recently while trawling through various facebook fan pages in search of inspiration and what not, i found a photo of some adorable little magnet designs and knew i'd have to do more research and find out who'd designed them

turns out... i LOVED her work straight away! and trust me you'll soon see why! 

what can i say! her style is just so adorably cute and fun, with sweet little characters and beautiful details

she has so much talent! so many different styles and mediums, u just love it! gorgeous work for sure!!!

anyway, i'll shut up and let you look through it all by yourself (without me rambling on and on and...)

but as if all that gorgeous work wasn't enough! she also designs the most fabulous greetings cards, notebooks, magnets, bookmarks and pocket mirrors! check them out...

stunning stuff right!!! oh i knoooow i love it all! i've got my eye on the cupcake magnets for sure!!!

anyway, big, big, BIG thanks to the lovely Ni for letting me feature her stuff here! she is a super duper star :)

okay it's link time now! now Ni's website is launching soon...

so in the meantime i suggest you check out her super duper blog - Ni's Creative Blog

or to treat yourself to a cute little pocket mirror, magnet set or a pretty greetings card, visit her etsy shop - Nyha Graphics

to see more of her gorgeous artwork head over to her flickr photostream - Hi Ni 

oh and be sure to 'Like' her stuff on Facebook too - Nyha Graphics Illustration

she also has a Graphic Design flickr photostream as well - Graphics

thanks again to Ni :)

All images featured in this post belong to Naomi C Robinson © do not claim, use, distribute, reproduce or trace ANY of her work without her written consent. All Rights Reserved.

* * *

so there you go! 

would you believe i actually tried to sew something today in a last ditch attempt at NOT being lazy, but my sewing machine just wasn't co-operating so i gave up and came and wrote this instead!

oh oh AND i meant to say earlier, the reason i found Ni's work in the first place was because i've been toying with the idea of getting a bunch of magnets/badges/mirrors printed up with some of my designs but i keep changing my mind and abandoning the idea... repeatedly

what do you dudes and dudettes think?!

If i were to get some little badges or pocket mirrors made featuring my work would you maybe be tempted to buy one?! 

if they didn't cost too much? and if i picked cute designs??? yay or nay...

let me know PLEASE!!!

anyway, that's all for now, buh-bye folks... ★ ◕‿◕ xX