Tuesday 14 March 2017


Hello! I know I said I'd blog more this year and I'm well aware that so far I've not really stuck to it, but I'm here now so let's get on with the post shall we.

If you follow me online then you know how much I LOVE stickers!

I mean, first of all who doesn't love stickers?! Stickers are the BEST! I have 2 desks in my workspace that are mostly covered with stickers that I've bought or been sent over the years.

I started keeping my stickers on my desks as a nice way to actually use and display them, because if you're anything like me then you often end up with stacks of stickers that you just can't 'commit' to sticking anywhere. I had a tin full of the things and it seemed like such a waste to just leave them there. So that's when the sticker desk project began.

I decided to go ahead and give my sticker collection a home, and it brightens up my day every time I sit down at my desk. Plus it makes a pretty fun background for product or pin trade photos. I use it literally ALL the time!

Since I'm an artist and illustrator I also sell my own stickers and people ask me ALL the time, "hey Jade where do you get your stickers made?".

Well... I don't usually like to share manufacturers but I'm more than happy to share this one since I've always had such a great experience ordering custom stickers from them.

The company is called Sticker App, and they're really good! I get all of my mini vinyl girl gang and 90's themed stickers made with them and I'm always impressed and pleased with the quality and quick turnaround times.

They offer lots of different options but I've only tried their contour-cut custom stickers, so I can't personally vouch for the other styles or coating options, but I'm sure they're just as great as the custom vinyl ones with glossy coating, which is what I always get.

I've been getting my stickers made with Sticker App since last July and I see no reason to stop now! 

Their website is super easy to use and I like the way you get an instant preview of that the finished sticker will look like + how thick or thin the outer border will be on contour-cut custom shaped stickers as soon as you've uploaded your design. You also get an instant price and it automatically changes if you select a higher or lower number of stickers. It's totally zero fuss, no waiting around for price quotes or design proofs. Easy Peasy.

I also like the way that on Sticker App you don't have to order thousands of stickers, you can just order one design, or dozens, totally up to you. You also don't even have to get 100 of a design, if I'm restocking a sticker I'll often only re-order 50 of a design, which is great if you can't afford massive quantities of stickers, or if you maybe just want to trial a design in your shop, or even if you're ordering stickers for a kid's party or something. The bigger your sticker design is (in measurements, like 2 or 5") the lower the minimum amount you have to order. So if you want a big 6x6" sticker for your laptop case or desk, you could just get 5 stickers and share them with your friends. Brilliant!

It also helps that the prices on Sticker App are very reasonable and the turnaround times are quite fast considering that they're based in Sweden. All I know is that the quality of their custom vinyl stickers is amazing, the colours are always so vibrant and sharp. The sizes are also very customizable and you really aren't at all limited to what size you want your stickers to be. This is particularly useful since most custom sticker sites only offer pre-set sizes (usually going up in increments of single inches) but on Sticker App you can pick any random specific size you want and then change your mind and play around with sizes without having to wait for a design proof or price quote. It's great.

And I've started to ramble haven't I. So in summary, Sticker App is marvellous and if you're ever looking to get some cute custom stickers of your own made, you should definitely give them a go!

 just click this link to their website - Sticker App

and if you want to treat yourself to any of my stickers, you can Shop all available designs HERE

I'll be back soon with a new post about my latest pin designs, so until then, thanks for stopping by...