Friday 3 December 2010

Polka Dots and Paper Horses ♥

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so i didn't go into college today!

i woke up feeling really...

actually, i think 'ergh' would be the word to best describe how i was feeling :-(

so i've been at home by myself all day feeling a bit sorry for myself and wondering what to do!

on a lighter note... i've been working on a new set of 'Girls' all day and i'm peased to announce that they are finally finished (i think)

i would like you all to meet... The Polka Dots

so these four lovelies are from a digital piece i did aaaaaages ago based on a fashion ad i ripped out of an old copy of Vogue

i can't remember what brand the ad was for i only know that the models Karen Elson and Coco Rocha in it and that they had short curly bobs and the clothes were pink and black

i think...

oh actually... after a quick bit of googling on my part i found the ad!

it was for 'Phi'

here's the image i based the original drawings off

as you can see, i changed their outfits a bit but the general poses are still there

anyway, i found the old file on my laptop yesterday while i was at college and decided to have another go at editing it. this is what the original edit looked like... note the scary faces!

but since my college project is all about 50's fashion and the world of 'pin-up' i thought i'd see what i could turn these girlies into

although to begin with they ended up a bit weird. i edited new heads and hairstyles in for each of the girls and started to edit their outfits but they kind of ended up with some strange colour coded thing going on... and they started to look a bit like Sailor Moon girls or Power Rangers on their days off!!

they were never going to work like that so i had another go... and another... and another until i ended up with the lovely Polka Dots

and as you can see, i brought them a little closer together as well...

so why the Polka Dots?!

well i thought they looked like an old fashioned Girl Group (like the Chordettes or the Andrews Sisters) so... that's what the poster is all about

i messed it up a bit actually! the first version i uploaded said 'Tuesday 21 July 1956' and literally 2 minutes after i'd uploaded it, Mike told me at that the 21st July 1956 was in fact... a Saturday!!!

so i had to fix it asap!

i've no idea how mike knew it was a Saturday and not  Tuesday (Google i suspect) but... thanks Mike

* * *

in other news, i also thought i'd share this scan of what i made yesterday at college

i've been reading up on various mixed media illustration methods and one that i've wanted to try for a while is 'papercutting'

i've always loved making things with paper so it was fun having a go at this technique

using an old photocopy from a picture book given to me by a tutor, i carefully cut out various areas of shadow and pattern using a craft knife and a whole load of patience...

i like the result though, even if it was just a test piece!

i'd love to have a go at a bigger piece or maybe one full of intricate tiny details, like something by Robert Ryan.

his work is utterly amazing! i don't know how he achieves such gorgeous detail in his pieces!

he creates exquisite papercut images then makes giant screen prints with some of them

i adore his work, check out his super website here - mister rob

* * *

and that's it for today I think, I missed my assessment today so hopefully that'll be rescheduled for Monday now

have a super duper weekend

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ★ xX

Dank je wel en tot straks

(That's thank you and goodbye in Dutch on behalf of the Netherlands, duizendmaal dank x)