Saturday 25 April 2009

Ruby and Jeff :-D

first week back at college, good times. had my assessment and exhibition on wednesday, BAD TIMES!!! well, it wasn't too bad in the end. in fact, it went rather well! i ended up getting 5 merits and 2 distinctions for all my finished work. i uploaded a few new illustrations to my online portfolios, except i have 2 of them now, see the first one here and the other one here.
and the best news is that i fiiiinally managed to finish my children's picture book, and i'm quite pleased with the final look of the book. it took me absolutely aaaages to make all the pages and the binding, but i think it was worth it :-D

here are a few shots of the finished item (you're lucky to see it, it's the only one of it's kind in the world!)

Saturday 18 April 2009

Scanner's ahoy!

I have barely been off my laptop today! after literal years of a 'scannerless' existance i FINALLY have one! and i didn't even need to buy it! i fixed my dad's old one (well, it's about 9 months old!) which i was previously 'forbidden' from using. so i have spent the day scanning in practically ALL of my illustrations which previously i had only managed to get onto my laptop by photographing them and editing them on paint (seriously!!!) so you'll understand why i'm soooo happy to be able to just scan them in and be done with it! :-D
so here is one of the finished Burlesque 'girls' scanned in, with perfect colour (no stupid camera screw-ups!) 

oh and btw, you can check out the rest of the 'girl' illustrations here at my new carbonmade account HERE :-D x  

Friday 10 April 2009

well it's the Easter hols and I am spending a week in St Helier in Jersey. i only arrived yesterday and within about 1 hour i wanted to leave town to rush back to my hotel and draw!!! everywhere i look i get inspiration for dozens of drawings!!! it's brilliant! especially yesterday afternoon, i walked into 'de Gruchy's' (one of Jersey's fabulous unique department stores) and was practically squealing at the sight of some of the DELICIOUS shoes they had on display! i very nearly bought the whole lot of them just so i could draw them!!! i have been quite busy with other stuff so thus far i've only managed to draw this pair! 

they weren't my absolute favourites but i remembered them very clearly for some reason! anyway i'm sure i'll be posting a few more new pix soon :-D l2a xxx

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Burlesque girls

haha such a random title! i shall explain! i drew a few new fashion 'girly' illustrations yesterday. but for some (unknown!) reason they all ended up as Burlesque girls! it may have something to do with the fact that one of my friends is throwing a 'Burlesque' themed party on the 28th April! well at least i hope that's what's inspired me! :-D anyways, i uploaded the first 2 to my online portfolio they're in the 'Girls' section, i'm still finishing the rest. here's one of the unfinished ones.

I'm also busy packing stuff for my trip to Jersey. i leave tomorrow night for a week, so hopefully i should come back with a few more 'Jersey' inspired illustrations! L2a xxx :-D

Sunday 5 April 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon

had a great Sunday! spent the morning watching the amazing Malaysian Grand Prix (what a brilliant race!) then decided to upload a few pages of my children's picture book to my online portfolio. currently listening to Metro Station and Ladyhawke (just bought both albums) but am feeling a tad hungry, should probably go  and get something to eat! L2a x :-D

here is the fifth page of my book. just as a little taster! :-D

Saturday 4 April 2009

Easter break :-D

well it's half-term at last! :-) the term ended on quite a good note. firstly i managed to finish my children's picture book! i'm so happy that it's finally done! now all i need to do is bind it together! :-) hopefully i'll be able to post a few pages from the book soon either here or on my Deviant Art profile. which reminds me! i have a new online portfolio at it doesn't have as much on it as the Deviant Art one but i quite like the simpleness of it! I've happily spent the entire first day of the holiday lazing about the house! i've mounted a few pieces of work ready for the exhibition when i go back to college but apart from that... aaah blissful. lots o' luv x :-D

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Countdown to the Easter break

well what was only one full week (to go before i break-up for Easter) has suddenly (and scarily) become only 2 days! and i am now panicking even more!, ok so i have got some things finished; my teapot, money box and pot are all done for my ceramics class, my 'rave' themed photo shoot went AMAZINGLY well! i even got to shoot it at a nightclub ;-D, i also made a 'bin-bag ball-gown' for a 'wearable art' fashion show in my Textiles class as well as all the jewellery to go with the rest of the classes outfits for the show, i am designing and illustrating a 'cancer awareness' poster in my Graphics class, i successfully finished BOTH of my handmade spoons for 3D (check out the rainbow beaded spoons on my Deviant art profile asap) however it's not all good news as i STILL haven't finished all the pages for my children's book!!!! aggghhhh i am seriously panicking about that like a loon! guess i'm gonna have to grovel and beg my teachers for some understanding! oh well, wish me luck! l2a xxx :-D