Monday 1 August 2011

Creative Café #8 ★

another Monday, another week...

let's kick off August with a lovely new Creative Café post shall we!!!

ok dudes and dudettes you know the drill, go now and get some tea or some coffee or some fizzy pop, grab a biscuit or a cake (or in my case some popcorn!) and settle down for some super duper creative loveliness!

today it's focusing on the truly gorgeous artwork of the fabulous Amariah Rauscher 

i first discovered Amariah's beautiful paintings and sketches one day a while ago while randomly trawling through etsy, i thought it was about time i featured her here! :)

Amariah is an artist living in Springfield Illinois, USA. 
she creates delicate and whimsical pieces using charcoal, pencils and watercolours and her style is just divine!

her little characters are so sweet and the colours she paints with are so pretty! i just love everything she does!

she also paints lots of little books into her pieces, her characters seem to enjoy reading and writing (oh i wonder why i like her paintings so much... ) 

anyway, you know me, i'll start rambling and gushing now so instead... enjoy this beautiful, colourful stream of Amariah's amazing work


totally gorgeous right! i know, i know, it's all just so sweet and lovely!
but she also creates the most fabulously detailed drawings and portraits! check these out...

incredible stuff! 

Amariah is also represented by Prospect Agency in New York, you can see her full Illustrator profile here - Amariah Rauscher

soooooo so pretty! love love LOVE it all!

she also sells prints, magnets and bookmarks featuring her work in her etsy shop - the Extent of Silence

i'm verrrry tempted to get myself a print (or two) since they're all so cute!

to see more of Amariah's work, check out her website here - Amariah's Studio

or head over to her Flickr photostream - Amariah Rauscher

you can also 'Like' her work on her Facebook fan page - Amariah Rauscher

and follow her on Twitter - @amariahrauscher

plus, be sure to check out her blog - Amariah Rauscher

massive MASSIVE thanks to the lovely Amariah for letting me feature her work on here :)

All images featured in this post belong to Amariah Rauscher © do not claim, use, distribute, reproduce or trace ANY of her work without her written consent. All Rights Reserved.

* * *

not much else for today my dears!

a new delivery of postcards arrived earlier featuring some new designs but there's only a very limited number of each design so if you fancy one... get it quick!


you can see them all here + the bundles they are also available in, get yours here - Jade's Etsy Shop

but apart from all that, i've not really anything else to tell you!

so i guess that's all folks... ★ ◕‿◕ xX

ps - i KNOW i said i'd kick off the new Giveaway on the 1st but... well i haven't actually left the house in over a week so i haven't been able to get any more stuff to add to the bundle!!! i'll open it for entries in a couple of days, just stay tuned my lovelies! x