Tuesday 22 March 2011

Just Enough ♥

So apologies for lack of posts, my Sunday post idea was ruined when I woke up to discover that it had been raining overnight meaning that the Glen had been transformed into a marvellously muddy mess!

and yesterday my blogging plan was once again thwarted when my brand new business cards failed to be delivered on time meaning that i had nothing to blog about!!! (monday's are always kind of boring for me though so no surprises there)

anyway on with todays post...

so this morning I actually woke up relatively early (ok so 8:43am is very early for me on one of my days off!!!) saw that the sun was shining, threw on a Spring style dress and tagged along with my mum to Onchan for a bit

I had an ulterior motive for going out though because on the way back home we managed to stop at the 'Just Enough' shop again in Laxey

and this time I had my camera with me...

after a quick natter with the owner + another jolly potter around the shop I whipped out my trusty little camera and got snapping

so let me show you around the store...

well here we have the amazing haberdashery section chock full of haberdashery loveliness

and the most beautiful selection of ribbons...

and fabrics...

and embroidered sashes and cords and sequined things

and more ribbons (+ other awesome crafty bits and bobs)

and through into the next room which is full of the most incredible fabric swatch books for soft furnishings, there's also this gorgeous chandelier hanging in the window

and this truly EPIC big 'J' cushion (which i need and want and neeeeeeed)

back through to the other side where there's another amazing chandelier hanging in the other window...

and these awesome glittery crystal studded skulls...

which are also telephones!!!!!! (may need one of these as well)

and on the display shelf at the bottom there's a whole bunch of Betty Boop's (oh hey Betty)

+ a pretty basket full of multicoloured fluffy chicks, just in time for Easter...

and this cushion covered in the most wonderful array of brooches

next to it is this Betty Boop chair + cushion (yes... i need these as well)

and when i knelt down on the floor to look at the crafty card making bits i spotted these frankly quite magical oversized pencil crayons (and before you ask... i want them ALL)

everywhere you look there's something cute to look at, even behind the counter there's this sweet little shelf full of handmade creations and sewing bits

in fact the counter itself is something to behold, just check out that awesome old fashioned antique till

and last but not least, the massive Betty Boop statuette standing guard next to the counter

what did i tell you...

it's actually ME in shop form!!!

i literally cannot resist the place it's just all so gorgeous!

in fact, here's what I bought during todays visit ...

some more ribbon, red this time

a cute little ice cream brooch + a mini rubber duck keyring (which may or may not be for my next giveaway... haven't decided yet)

a gorgeous pair of little embroidery scissors because i don't actually own a pair of embroidery scissors! despite all my embroidery times... no fancy scissors!

a big swathe of amaing cupcake printed fabric, i haven't a clue what i'll use it for but i had to get it... CUPCAKES!!!

and this selection of adorabubble buttons

and look, even the shopping bag came tied with this lovely 'just enough interiors' ribbon

it's all so, so divine!

massive thanks to the lovely Justine for letting me invade the shop and run around excitedly taking photos

thank you ◕‿◕

* * *

in other news...

the business cards FINALLY arrived today!!!

they are so swishy and snazzy I just love them!!!

yaaaaaay for the new business cards!

* * *

no other news really

the plan is for me to head into Doolish town centre tomorrow for some crafty/arty retail therapy + a quick fringe trim (so thrilling!)

however I feel somewhat under the weather today and i'm not sure if i'll feel better or worse tomorrow morning!

Here's hoping I feel better tomorrow...

that's all folks!

◕‿◕ ♥ xX