Wednesday 29 June 2011

Creative Café #6 ★

apologies for the lack of posts, i spent Monday asleep (mostly) and was at college aaaaallll day yesterday finishing off written work for assessment/printing/hanging out with the HND's

anyway, since i haven't made anything today and i haven't been anywhere, let's have another Creative Café post shall we!!!

go on put the kettle on, get your tea/coffee/beverage and DON'T forget the cake and/or biscuits because you know that's the most important part!


ok today's Creative Café post is all about an awesome artist/logo designer/illustrator/graphic designer/picture book illustrator i recently discovered via tumblr, her work is super duper gorgeous and i just know you're going to love it! 

so today's post is all about Kyra Kendall from Toronto, Canada

like i said i only came across her work recently via her tumblr blog but i liked it straightaway

her loose, colourful style i so fun and vibrant and she draws such quirky things that it's kind of hard not to like her stuff!!!

she has so many styles ranging from loose sketchy watercolours to flawless vectors and yet each of her pieces have their own unique vibe and character

in fact you know what, i always ramble on and on, just see for yourself . . . have a nice scroll through it all because that's the point, it's ALL gorgeous!

ah don't you just love it!!! i could look through her work all day

it's all just so fun and girly and gorgeous! 

i genuinely do luuuurve her stuff! she is so super duper! for more of her work you can. . .

check out her tumblr blog/website here - Kyra Kendall

'Like' her stuff on Facebook - Kyra Kendall Illustration

follow her on Twitter - @hellokyra

pop over to her flickr photostream - kyrakendall

or check out her dripbook portfolio here - Kyra Kendall Illustration

big BIG thanks to the lovely Kyra for letting me feature her work here, if you liked her stuff then i definitely recommend that you check out her tumblr site, it's awesome!

All images featured in this post belong to Kyra Kendall © do not claim, use, distribute, reproduce or trace ANY of her work without her written consent. All Rights Reserved.

* * *

nothing else to report today dearies, i've got to make a stack of greetings cards for the shop tonight, i'm literally surrounded by Sweet Ginger Strips girls and Sugar Skull prints!

until next time, that's all folks . . . ★ ◕‿◕ xX