Monday 12 September 2011

Topsy-Turvy Day ★

so this morning i woke up ridonkulously early to get ready/packed for college, i got there early and found my tutor Andy in the corridor moving boxes, he said "oh, didn't you get the email?!"

and that was when i knew i'd wasted my time going to college!

so according to the email that i definitely DID NOT receive, the September term officially begins today BUT all HND students don't need to be in until Wednesday at 9:30am


honestly i don't know WHY i even bother sometimes!

it wasn't a total loss though because i got first pick of the desks (heck yes!!!) and after my five minutes in college i skedaddled off down to Douglas town and settled in at the Alpine for some breakfast

it's been miserable weather-wise on the island lately and today's been no different so it really was the perfect time to cit cosy in a nice warm café

i cracked out my macbook to show Melanie (café's owner) the Matryoshka edits, she's off to get her tattoo coloured soon so she's planning on taking a copy of the coloured image to help the tattoo artist colour it all in! exciting stuff

i also spent some time working on a few new 'candy character' sketches as you can see here from this shot of my makeshift desk this morning...

what can i say?! the Alpine really is my café home from home!!! i realised today that i mention the place ALL the time yet i've never snapped any photos of it to show you all, well i fixed that today since Melanie let me  run around with my camera!

this is the pretty spiral staircase leading upstairs...

...where it's all airy and bright! 

and all homely and comfy! you can see why i like it so much here! there's so much red and blue around as well...

+ Melanie picks the most awesome stuff to go on the walls, almost all of the items framed are vintage postcards, book covers, record sleeves and posters. this is my favourite, an old copy of 'Heidi' box framed in a pretty rococo style frame

even the chairs are pretty! there are lots of mismatched vintage chairs but all of them are upholstered with this super funky stars pattern!

 as the café's name suggests, there's a big mountain chalet type vibe going on here, and as well as a few pairs of vintage ski's on the wall there's also a whole bunch of retro Ski-ing posters

and as if the decor wasn't gorgeous enough, you can take my words for it that the food is just as fabulous! the rosy cupcakes are a personal fave of mine, for obvious reasons...

and here we have the lovely Melanie busy writing out today's specials! so big BIG thanks to her for letting me run around cheekily snapping photos!

she also promised me i can take a photo of the tattoo to show you all when it's fully coloured!!! so be sure to keep an eye out for that :)

* * *

i spent the rest of the morning wandering around Douglas where i ended up buying a lovely little Picture book

"Dear Fairy Godmother" by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Nick Sharratt (and yes... i did buy it for the pictures!)

the story is very cute but i'm not gonna lie, it was the adorable illustrations that made me pick it up in the first place...

i really will NEVER get tired of Nick Sharratt's illustrations! i love his work so much

for more info about Nick Sharratt + to see some more of his lovely work, be sure to check out my old 'super sunday' feature on him here - Super Sunday #7

and to get your own copy of the book you can go here - Walker Books

* * *

last but not least, this afternoon i nipped up to Ramsey to visit Sweet Ginger to drop off some new cards and stuff

it's been aaaaaages since i last visited the shop so it was lovely to see Julie and Ciara + to have a skeet at all the pretty new things they have in stock

i ended up treating myself to this adorable little garland, i just couldn't resist it!

apples are my favourite fruit and you all know what a sucker i am for anything polka-dotted so it was pretty inevitable that i was going to get one of these!

* * *

nothing else to report on for now, it's very gloomy outside so i'm planning a nice chilled evening cooped up inside reading picture books and my new issues of Vogue and Elle

enjoy the rest of your Monday wherever you are + whatever you're up to

and until next time, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX