Monday 25 May 2009

Sweeties, Fairies and Birthday's

It’s the start of the last two weeks of this current term, which means I have only two weeks to try and get EVERYTHING finished! Right now this seems like a totally unachievable task but hey, I always love a challenge! nah. But jokes aside, I am once again starting to feel the little panic pixies settling around me! In fact, the only project that is nearing possible completion is my Hospital Art project, purely because it consists entirely of my illustrations of sweeties and fairies. The rest of the projects… well right now I feel that there is little or no chance of completion! However on a slightly lighter note, it’s my 18th Birthday next Sunday (the 31st) and the Bday cards have started to arrive! + I just bought myself a snazzy new mobile phone, and i have a brand new online portfolio (that's right, yet another one!) check it out here. so i guess there are some good times as well as the bad. oh well, onwards and upwards! L2a :-D x