Wednesday 10 November 2010

scary times ★

hello dudes and dudettes, before i get on with todays post i have to ask a big favour of you all...

you may (or may not) have noticed the little 'tick' boxes at the bottom of my blog posts

they invite you to 'tick' whether you find my posts 'funny', 'interesting' or 'super duper'

now i love watching the 'ticks' build up on these but i've noticed that lately the 'ticks' seem to go up when i first submit the post and then mysteriously go down by the next day...

seeing as there isn't a 'lame' or 'boring' box to tick i'm guessing that some of you lovely people are visiting my blog more than once and 'ticking' the boxes again to help boost the numbers

however... when you do this it actually DELETES your original tick and the numbers go down!

my mum worked this one out when she tried to repeatedly 'tick' the 'super duper' box on a post (bless her) and the ticks went from 8 to 3 in a matter of seconds and i nearly cried!!!

so the favour is this...

if you're sweet enough to visit my blog and you think a post deserves a few ticks that's GREAT

but if you happen to visit it again or are just flicking through the posts, do not (repeat DO NOT) tick a post you've already 'ticked' because it will just cancel out your original tick and i will get very sad and have to raid the freezer for the ice cream to cheer myself up!

does that make sense?

don't click the 'tick' if you've already clicked it once...

anyways thanks for your time... on with the post!

* * * * *

so i drew another Pinup/Burlesque Girl today!

as promised i said i'd draw a 'raven haired sister' for the 3 Girls i've already drawn this week


we've had a blonde, a brunette and a redhead!

i like to mix my 'Girls' hair colours about so that all parties are represented!

but what about all those girls out there with gloriously inky, devilishly dark, ebony curls!


the only problem is! i'm struggling to come up with a name for her!!!

for the time being i've decided on 'see anything you like?'

but i don't know... i think it's a bit of a lame name!

if anyone can come up with a better one, let me know and i'll put it to a public vote!

i don't know why i'm even asking! no-one bothers to comment half the time...

anyway, there's four of them now.

four very different girls each with a nice happy coloured background

here's the full set in one image...

i'm back in college tomorrow so we'll see what my tutors will make of these!

fingers crossed it's good news...

* * *

i've been talking to Mike for the past few hours, he was at the big Tuition Fees protests earlier today in Central London although luckily he left before it all turned ugly!

we've both been watching BBC news 24 since about 4pm and it's just scary to see how much the protests escalated outside the Conservative Party HQ, 30 Millbank!!!

the videos and photos of protesters smashing in all the reception windows is really shocking! 

some people set fire to their placards and built a bonfire in the Tower courtyard. it's scary stuff indeed! 

i don't agree with the Tuition Fee Cuts but i don't see how violence like this is the answer!

whether or not the students themselves are to blame, todays events at Millbank won't be the answer!

saying all that though, and as serious and as un-funny a situation as it is...

i think 'tweet' of the day (regarding the events) goes to 'SimonNRicketts' for this gem:

I picture David Cameron coming home, looking at the state of Millbank and saying to Nick Clegg: "I told you NO parties. You're grounded."

 i now it was a scary thing to happen but come on... that is kind of funny! it made me giggle anyway and God knows i could do with a laugh after watching the news for so long!


Mike happily informed me that THESE signs were made by his friends and that he was with them during the early afternoons calm marching times! very good signs...

* * *

ok i'm going to make a cup of tea and put on some sort of soothing film (Disney maybe)

i think i've been watching these demonstrations on the news for too long, it's really getting me down!

apologies for all the political palaver as well, i know that's not why you read my blog but this was important so i wanted to include it.

that's all folks...


oh and don't forget to click the 'ticks' only ONCE each... cheers m'dears!

'thanks and goodbye'

(yep... it's another English speaking country! so thanks for the page views Australia)