Monday 14 November 2011

Creative Café #20 ★

so i hope you all had a nice weekend spent doing various weekend activities etc

most of mine was spent colouring in mermaids + running around the kitchen in a 'cape' playing superheroes with Sienna, my 5-year-old cousin, you know... just a regular weekend!

anyway, it's a new week so i figured it might be time for a lovely new Creative Café post!

go on then, you know what to do! go and get a nice cup of tea (or coffee, or juice...) grab some biscuits, maybe some sweeties too, and a slice of cake...

oh, don't forget to get comfy!

ready?! good!

so todays post is all about the very sweet and whimsical artwork of the truly super duper Emmeline Pidgen

Emmeline is a 23-year-old British illustrator currently based in the UK. she sums up her work ethos pretty fabulously in the little blurb she has on her blog "I draw and paint which makes me feel lovely. I like digital or physical coins to be given to me in exchange for little snippets of my imagination to help me buy such goods as cereal, yoghurts or a selection of peppers."

i just love her quirky style of drawing + the wonderful colours she picks for her characters and scenes, each one  tells a different story and is completely unique

she does all sort of fun stuff for various companies, businesses and publications...

...and her children's picture book illustration is just divine!!!

these images are from her Brand New Picture Book 'The Flyaway Blanket' (written by Allan Peterkin)

it looks absolutely gorgeous, chock full of delicious illustrations and bright colourful scenes! the book is actually released TOMORROW!!! 

Emmeline is currently running a little competition on her blog to give away a signed copy of the book to one lucky winner! you can enter here - Flywaway Blanket Competition

anyway, i think it's time for all of YOU to have a little look through some of Emmeline's lovely work in your own time, happy scrolling...

rather delightful stuff isn't it!? of course it is... it's all very super duper for sure!

ok links time now...

so see some more of Emmeline's work be sure to visit her pretty website here - Emmeline Pidgen

she also has a marvellous blog full of lovely things here - Emmeline's Blog

and if you fancy treating yourself (or someone else...) to a nice little print, postcard or some stickers, head on over to her online shop - Emmeline Illustration

you can also 'Like' her work on Facebook - Emmeline Draws

follow her on Twitter - @emmelinedraws

and also on Tumblr - emmelinedraws

all that's left for me to do is say a big ol' THANK YOU to the lovely Emmeline for saying yes and letting me run the feature :)

All images featured in this post belong to Emmeline Pidgen © do not claim, use, distribute, reproduce or trace ANY of her work without her express written consent. All Rights Reserved.

* * *

so that's that! i'm not back at college until Wednesday so i've been busily working on some commission stuff at home! + i think i'll be able to show you one of the new tattoo designs i was commissioned to draw for a lovely local client!

so until next time, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX