Wednesday 27 April 2011

Lovely Letters ♥

so today i woke up at stupid o'clock (well, 6:30am is stupid for me when i'm off college) for no real reason since i decided to stay at home today and work on some commissions 

look at what i made this morning though!

a new nautical themed 'anywhere clip' that you can clip to your bag, wear in your hair or pin to your outfit like a rosette, the button in the middle is an awesome old vintage one from the old tin of buttons my mum gave me (it's so old i found two ha'penny coins in the tin!)

i have a couple more of these anchor buttons left so i'll probably make a few more of these rosette anywhere clips if anyone would like one

the only downside is the total mess of ribbons that are heaped up on my bed, my desk is so pathetically small i use my bed as my desk when i'm at home, the only upside is that it's always a comfy desk!

* * *

so what else?!

well this afternoon a parcel arrived for me chock full of sheets of polka dot felt from wonderful my big sister Simone, who lives in Coventry

isn't it all gorrrgeous!

i got far too excited about it + as you can see i carefully laid it all out on my bedroom floor

i needed lots of polka dot felt for a project and seeing as NO-WHERE on the Isle of Man sells it (and because i couldn't find it on sale online) she bought a big stack of it for me from the massive Hobbycraft store in Coventry, i'm so lucky to have such a nice big sis!

but that's not all because along with the felt i also found two lovely letters from my little nieces Madison and Daisy

Daisy even drew me a 'Sweet' picture

+ there were soooooooo many kisses on Maddie's letter (and inside the envelope)

how lucky am i to have such lovely little nieces . . .

both letters say that i have to write back asap so i guess i know what i'll be doing after i write this blog post!

* * *

just quickly before i stop rambling and before i dash off to cook some food i wanted to share this amazing cross stitcher with you all, 
a friend of mine told me about her and i just fell in LOVE with the work on her website, it's so gorgeous!

her name is Emily Peacock and she hand stitches the most gorgeous cushions and tapestries

aren't they lovely! she sells awesome needlepoint kits as well on her website, if you're a bit of a sewing seƱorita then i suggest you check out her stuff - Emily Peacock

* * *

still not sure what's happening tomorrow, it's either back to college or off round the island with Jenny

the good news is that i made some headway today with my new logo commissions, it's been quite a productive day for me really so i can't complain . . .

until next time, that's all folks ◕‿◕ ★ xX