Monday 31 May 2010

Happy Birthday to... ME!

so it's finally arrived... my 19th Birthday!

thus far it's been a day of no-stop phone calls and endless text messages/emails/facebook notifications reminding me that i'm another year older

yes i'd have very much liked to have stayed at the nice old age of 18 but alas... time moves on and apparently i have to grow up sometime (we'll see)

i've had some lovely messages but i think the best so far has come from my friend Mike, this is what he sent me this morning

here's a link to the actual image, for a proper look at it-

you see, two of my very most favourite things in life are Art History and Doctor Who and somehow he managed to magically combine the two to give me... this

Da Vinci's the Last Supper with me as Jesus, the Doctors various incarnations throughout time and even the lovely Matt Smith perched in front of me, sort of weirdly cut in half

what can i say... i LOVE it! i love the fact that i am Jesus and that i have a beard, i just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

mike... you genius

:-) xXx

Saturday 1 May 2010

2 weeks down... 5 to go!

so i've already finished my first 2 weeks of FMP and thus far it really hasn't bee to bad!
i've got a lot of work done, with a load more still to do!
i know i said i wouldn't be uploading much new stuff but seeing as it's a bank holiday weekend and i'm in an unusually good mood ( which probably has something to do with me absolutely LOVING the latest episode of Doctor Who) i thought i'd spend the next 2 days uploading some of the work i've done for FMP so far to my deviantART and Facebooj pages

oh and btw, i'm not doing a full children's picture book any more! i realised it was pretty much an impossible task considering the amount of time i've got not to mention the bucket load of other work i've got to do to go with the project!

so instead i am going to do illustrate a few scenes from my story, yes... i am still writing a story (in fact it's already written) and hopefully i'll get these scenes printed out on A1 for my exhibition
so here's a few of the things i've been working on at college. keep checking my deviantART profile and my facebook illustration fan page fr larger copies of the images

:-) xXx

ps - i also got kind of a cool mention on the Carmelita Couture page for the illustration i did during my week of blogging, it was a total surprise and a rather super duper one at that x