Sunday 5 September 2010

Whinings and Weddings ♥

well just one wedding actually but you know...

Today i've decided to take a day out, I was supposed to go to this big pool party at my godparents house here in Monte but after leaving the wedding reception early last night and just generally having had a crappy night with very little sleep I decided to give it a miss. Bit gutted really for obvious reasons. So I packed mum and dad off in a taxi with the promise that i'd be ok here. In my room. By myself. ALL day. Thank god I have my macbook with me or I may have just given up already. I've been watching film after film today. Bit of a Studio Ghibli day which has been nice. Gotta love that Japanese animation, I know I do. Anyway i'm rambling so i'll get on with the post shall I!

So yesterday was Justine & Justin's wedding day. We left the hotel at about 1:30 for the epic taxi ride to Perast. It was a smart-but-casual wedding so I went for a simple summery look (50's style yellow fitted sun-dress, black bolero cardigan, black suede 5-inch heels (slight platform) with grosgrain ribbon ties and cream Chloe Paddington). When we finally arrived in Perast it wasn't too tricky to work out which boat was for the wedding guests...

yeah, it had a Manx Flag on the back. Easy guess!

It was a pretty awesome way to get to a wedding though I have to say. All the guests piled onto the two little boats and before we knew it we were zooming across the water to the Gospa od Skrpjela (the Church of Our Lady of the Rock). I couldn't get many good shots of the island from the boat (I sat somewhere daft + useless photography skills) but this was what the island itself looked like from the water.

The service was so gorgeous, enhanced only by the beautifully decorated little church. Justine looked amazing in her quirky Lanvin-esque wedding dress (so totally Justine) with ruffled layers of tulle falling to the floor. She'd also paired it with a fabulous embellished belt (from River Island) and of course, her gorgeous bridal bouquet of sunflowers, bright orange gerbera daisies and orange arum lilies (or were they zantedeschia, I can't be sure, either way they were heavenly).

the church itself really was so, SO beautiful! Full of the most amazing decoration. Baroque painted pales covered all the walls and the ceiling. Just sublime. It felt kind of disrespectful to just stroll in and take photos of it but while they were clearing the wedding stuff away my dad insisted that I get some snaps. I'm a bit funny about taking photos in churches, i'm not overly religious or anything I just think it's a bit impolite. Besides, my photos would hardly do it justice anyway! here's a shot of it from the outside of it instead. you'll have to take my word for it on how beautiful it was inside.

After the service the heels came off (cobbles everywhere = bad time for heel wearers) even the 'best man' swapped her gorgeous slingback Louboutin peep-toes for some comfier wedges. We mooched around chatting (mingling daaaaahling) for an hour before piling back into the boats for our 40 minute trip to the restaurant near Krasici. This was our view along the way.

The venue was perfect. Wooden tables and benches covered in white rose petals under strings of lights set up right next to the water. So, so gorgeous. in fact it was all pretty perfect. lovely setting, lovely evening, lovely wedding guests. just super duper all round i guess.

obviously i'm not eating much of anything at the moment but i could still appreciate the fabulous 'grub' that served the party goers. fresh bread, mounds of fresh fruit, bowls of mussels and clams, trays of fresh fish, chips, wine, cake... it was all there. course after course was brought out to the tables while i sat there chewing on slices of banana and kiwi. it's all i felt i could risk tbh.

and that's it really, sadly because i felt so ill we had to leave the reception at 10:30pm. i felt so bad for my parents, it wasn't fair that they should have to leave because of me but they were adamant i wasn't to come back to Tivat by myself. good job really since the Russian speaking taxi driver we ended up with was mega creepy not to mention smelly. i was grateful for the parentals just guilty that i'd ruined their evening.

i guess that's why i dodged out of the party today. i didn't want them to have to leave early again + i've been fine here by myself all day. watching lots of movies, reading, listening to some tunes, it's been lovely. one more full day here in Monte then it's back home. i know it's terrible to admit but i really can't wait to get home! it's fabulous here it really is but i am so not in a holiday mood at the moment and i just want to go home asap. Tuesday can't come quickly enough!

anyway, on a slightly lighter note (and just to ensure that this really is the longest blog eveeerrrr) I also found out this morning about the quite possible 'i rudy well hope so' imminent collaboration between H&M and Lanvin. Ok so I guess I was a little bit slow catching up on this one but come on... i've been ill AND I was out all day yesterday!

I adore the collabs H&M do with designer brands, they're so genius and almost always drop-dead-gorgeous. Sonia Rykiel, Jimmy Choo, Viktor & Rolf, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Matthew Williamson, Comme des Garçons and of course Madonna and Kylie too, they've all had one thing in common... they've all been FABULOUS!

I've no idea what Lanvin will come up with for this but Monsieur Elbaz mentioned 'dresses' in the clip so... OHMYGODYESPLEASE let it be Lanvin H&M dresses!!!! I would be even more excited about all of this if there was actually a H&M store on the Isle of Man. There isn't, hence my new found misery. The worst part is i'm not even planning any more trips off island until at least October or December time! Aaagghhh nightmare times!

I've always adored Lanvin in general as one of the oldest French fashion houses. it's always so unique in it's style and methods of design. beautiful coloured dresses and handbags to die for. the little Lanvin dolls were another stroke of genius and of course the fact that Alber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver are big fans (and friends) of Mika Penniman whose music i of course... j'adore is just another reason to love them as a designer brand!

anyway, i heard it IS official but them someone on twitter told me it wasn't so... don't know 100% for sure. either way, watch the clip of the positively darling Alber Elbaz explaining why he loves the idea of a collaboration with H&M, here -

that's all for now dudes and dudettes, i haven't eaten anything at all today and i'm feeling a little faint. time for a nap methinks.

lots of luuurve from Tivat

♥ ◕‿◕ ♥ xX