Friday 20 August 2010

Stranded in Ireland

so yes... because Karma obviously hates me i am unfortunately stranded indefinitely in a small, rather grotty (it is genuinely grotty... there's damp everywhere) hotel in DĂșn Laoghaire! we left Cork at 8:15am and drove for 3.5 hours to Dublin Port... where we were told the boat had been cancelled!

it must be really shocking weather because the English boat to Holyhead was cancelled as well. the problem is... the weather in the Irish Sea is so miserable at the moment, there's a strong chance the boat may be cancelled tomorrow as well!

THIS is what i look like at the moment

like a sad slice of Kawaii lemon


normally i would find this sort of thing hilarious but...

1: i've been here for 11 days and i WANT to go home!

2: i'm supposed to be going out tomorrow night for my friend's birthday

3: i have run out of things to wear because i made sure to only pack enough for the trip

4: i got about 2 hours sleep last night so i'd definitely be tired for the boat this afternoon

5: i also starved myself ALL day to make sure i wouldn't throw up on the boat

6: i am insanely p***ed off because i was really looking forward to getting home!

so... i'm not a happy girly really as i'm sure you'll understand!

my friend Alex texted me to let me know the forecast is slightly better for tomorrow but let's face it... if it's like this today there's a pretty strong chance it's still gonna be as bad tomorrow.

well... Ireland obviously isn't willing to let me go just yet!

so now i'm stuck in this poky hotel room using up the free wi-fi and watching an endless stream of Johnny Depp films on my laptop (at least i came well prepared right!)

here's hoping i'll make it home eventually xX