Thursday 18 November 2010

drama drama drama ★

so once again it's been a few days since my last blog post!

apologies, i've been soooooo busy... again! 

i've been busy with this crate of Lego all week, busy busy busy building stuff

i still can't tell you what it is i'm building but hopefully this time next week i will be able to!

we'll have to wait and see...

anyway, today has been a verrrry stressful day in the sense that i faced a massive dilemma and ended up crying my eyes out like a small child because i did not know what to do!!!

however... through the tears i came up with a possible solution albeit an far-fetched one and suffice to say, it is all now SORTED! ◕‿◕ 

so what was the solution exactly...

well basically it involved me shelling out £90 on a plane ticket for myself to get back to the Island next Thursday morning.

i was due to get the boat back Thursday night but i really REALLY need to be at the airport Thursday daytime... so weirdly this actually works out quite well!

so yes i am still working on this Lego project and surprisingly despite the 1900 lego bricks that are currently covering my bedroom floor... i still luuuuurve Lego

so in light of all the Lego fun, Mike kindly made THIS little slice if genius for me...

how awesome!!!


THAT is how awesome this is!

* * *

anyway, in other news...

it's my college assessment the week after i get back from my trip so i was allowed a big (aka MAHOOOSIVE) print of one of my latest digital Pinup Girl Illustrations 

now the photo is crappy quality (thank you mobile phone camera) but you get the general idea

it's an A1 print so she didn't turn out quite as well as i'd have hoped (the file was massive but the colours went a bit weird) i'll take another photo when the exhibition is up

* * *

there you go, short but sweet today! if you're after a longer post then i suggest you check out the previous one all about the fabulous shoe designer... Christian Louboutin

seeing as i'm off to Coventry on Sunday and Birmingham next Tuesday i'll hopefully have some stuff to blog about during my trip

ok, i'm off to make something to eat now and maybe watch the rest of 'the Blues Brothers' since i watch that film more than is necessarily normal!

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ♥ xX

Merci beaucoup et au revoir

(thank you and goodbye in French on behalf of all you lovely French people out there)