Thursday 2 June 2011

Sweet Ginger Style ★

so of course. . . it was my Birthday this week at long  last!

Can't believe i'm actually 20 now! absolutely insane!!! i'm still about 8 in my head i think!

I got some really lovely Birthday messages though, I woke up to dozens on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr which was nice, so big thanks to all of you that wished me a Happy Birthday on Tuesday

also apologies for the disappearing act i've pulled over the past few days! Birthday's make me very grumpy and i just couldn't think of anything to blog about!

anyway. . .

today i have some awesome photos to share with you all!

over at the 'Sweet Ginger Emporium' they've been busy whipping up an amazing fashion shoot to showcase some of the shops super duper handmade items!

the clothes and accessories were modeled by Shauna McCallion and Sarah Hendy

dresses by the talented Jonee Fisher (+ some funky up-cycled pieces by Ciara Kilgallon and Julie James)

accessories by Danielle LowellJanet Withey and Jade Boylan (aka me!)

the photos were snapped by local photography mastermind and renowned genius, Phil Kneen

this was the result. . .

pretty darn AMAZING right!!!

Phil very VERY kindly sent me a set of the photos to put on here but obviously, full copyright belongs to him so do not, under ANY circumstances copy of steal these pictures. . . because he will hunt you down and beat you with a light stand or camera tripod! 

seriously. . . he will! so don't even think about nabbing any of these lovely shots!

also, i suggest you go and check out some more of Phil's amazing photography right now via this link, just keep scrolling down the page for more and more amazingness! - Phil Kneen

* * *

in other news, those of you with beady eyes on facebook/twitter/tumblr may have noticed that i drew the winner of the 'May Giveaway' on Wednesday morning!

in the end after much adding up and many scientific calculations (as if!!!) it turned out that there was a whopping total of 182 entries!!!

just wow guys. . . 

you all Liked, retweeted, blogged, reblogged and commented for it loads and loooads!

it also really blew up on tumblr this time, in fact i think the most entries came from people reblogging it on there!

anyway, massive thanks to all those who entered but the winner was number 33 . . . Kat Rego from Ontario, Canada

i drew the winner using and as you can see, number 33 was the lucky number!

so i'll be posting the giveaway goodies out to Kat first thing tomorrow morning!

don't lose heart though folks, i'll be holding another giveaway this summer when i go back to Ireland in August, i'm hoping to gather lots of goodies from my travels around Waterford, Cork and Dublin to make up a super duper giveaway bundle of prizes!

so stay tuned for that . . .

* * *

speaking of giveaways, do you remember the sheer ruddy marvel that is Rockalily Lipstick???

let me re-jog your memory, have a look at this blog post i wrote at the beginning of April - Hairclips and Lipsticks

well the lovely ReeRee (super genius behind Rockalily Lipsticks) is holding a little giveaway on her website giving some of YOU the chance to win a Rockalily Lipstick of your very own!!!

the competition is all about tattoos and to enter all you have to do is upload a picture of your ink (+ tag yourself in the photo) to the Rockalily Facebook Page saying why YOU think you and your tattoo deserve to win 

she's going to pick three winners who will all win a Rockalily Lipstick!
ReeRee is also going to randomly choose one person who retweets 'Have you entered your tattoo to win a @RockalilyLondon lipstick? RT for an extra chance to win. #rockalily'

for full details on how to enter + terms and conditions, head on over to the site - Rockalily

* * *

not much else to report on today dearies, heading into college tomorrow to hand in my final draft essay then i'm off for a week due to it being TT race week!

i'll try to resume normal blogging from now on!

i don't know why you all put up with me i really don't!

anyway, that's all folks . . . ◕‿◕ ★ xX