Sunday 11 April 2010

Week of Blogging - Day 7

what... has it been a week already! apparently it has, and here we are at the last day of my 'week of blogging'

so after yesterday's shoddy lack of pictures i stayed true to my word and have a new illustration to post.

somehow, despite the unusual abundance of ridiculously gorgeous weather that we have on the Isle of Man at the moment, i managed to create a new picture today whilst sitting on the grass in the sunshine

she's inspired by a photo of the fabulous Pinup model Bernie Dexter wearing a gorgeous dress from

now i'm not too sure about the face, i drew it the same way i drew the one for my 'what are you looking at girl' (see day 5 of my week of blogging) but i don't know if i like it...

but a promise was a promise so here's the picture

as per usual... for a larger view of her follow this LINK

gawd knows when i'll post a new blog, after a solid week i think i've had enough for a while!

peace out dudes and dudettes