Sunday 12 June 2011

TT family times ★

so i vanished for a few days, i would have blogged earlier but i didn't get home from the TT fair until the small hours of Saturday morning, and i didn't get home last night until late because i was looking after my little cousin Sienna

oh and obviously this blog post is going to be kind of family orientated so if you despise my personal posts. . . now would be a good time to bugger off! i'll be doing a new 'Creative Café' post tomorrow evening so stay tuned for that instead!

so . . .

on friday night i actually left the house and headed into Douglas for the Senior race day firework display

it was a great night since i got to hang out with lots of my awesome cousins at the fair which was EXTRA nice because i hadn't seen them in aaaages

my cousin and little god-daughter Bonnie was there with her little sister Hanna, her brother Robson and her parents Gary and Sharon + my cousins Mandy and Marcus were there with Sienna

the kiddlywinks went on loaaaads of rides and Bonnie even managed to win a massive teddy bear!

they also all went on the old fashioned Carousel

while myself and Mandy looked after 'Diamonds' the teddy!

we all had a good giggle when Mandy and Robson went on 'the Vertigo' as well

as it got darker we made our way down the busy prom to find a spot to watch the show

and to be honest we couldn't have picked a better place to stop! we must have had one of the best views of the display

i took quite a few videos of the display but here's a little one you can watch if you fancy a quick skeet at the show

* * *

in other news, i bumped into my friend Yvonne yesterday as well and she gave me a belated birthday present. . . full of the most awesome stuff!!!

there's a lovely embroiderer's guild embroidery kit + embroidery hoop

a 'make do and mend' postcard, a lovely embroidery stitch booklet and a 'Frida' card from Purplecatscorner

there was also this amaaaaazing badge which i love for obvious reasons!!!

* * *

so what else?! well i bought myself a new dress yesterday + some pretty flowery headbands

it's the first time i've been shopping in about a month and a half (no. . . i'm not exaggerating! really!!) so i figured i could treat myself to something

* * *

s'all for now, heading off to cook some tea now + sort stuff for college tomorrow, oh what a thrilling life i do lead!

until next time, that's all folks . . .  ◕‿◕ ★ xX