Friday 11 February 2011

Funny Friday ★

so not much to report today, i haven't been into college at all this week because of how ill i've been feeling

today has been 'funny' in the sense that i feel funny, i can't explain how i feel ill, i just do!

i know i went into town on Wednesday but that was a mistake and the truth is i just don't feel well enough for college! but i do know that a week is a lot to miss!

i have to go in next week though, apparently it's my assessment! which should be fun... (not)

anyway, today i set up a 'redbubble' account based on the advice of a friend who recommended it for selling prints/t-shirts etc etc

so i know i have the artflakes shop selling prints but it can't hurt to have another shop on redbubble can it?!

at the moment i've only uploaded a couple of images available as prints/posters and some as stickers but to be honest i'm more excited about the clothing options!!!

fun stuff right! i mean the 'zombie ninja panda bear' was originally drawn to go on t-shirts so this kind of makes sense!

these five designs are all currently available to buy here - T-Shirts

(note: the 'slime monster' does come printed on a t-shirt as well, the main price listed is for the hoodie option that's all)

they're also available as baby/kids clothing (although i'm not sure a kid would want the znpb on a t-shirt or baby romper!)

i'll upload a few more images this weekend i guess

not going to lie though... i am sorely tempted to buy some of the stuff myself!

that's extreeeemely sad i know, but it would be lovely to have at least one prettily framed print of one of my pieces!

not to mention that fact that i'd love a couple of the lollipop, znpb and slime monster stickers for my college logbook!

and why not, i did draw them after all!
* * *

in other news...

the dreaded blood test was yesterday afternoon and i think it was the first needle i've ever had without totally freaking out and going a bit crazy!

normally needles = tears and hysteria but yesterday... nothing!

it was all totally ok

which was nice

i still HATE needles though!!!

off to watch 'the breakfast club' now + feel ill some more

until next time

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ★ xX

Kærar þakkir og bless bless

(that's thank you and goodbye in Icelandic on behald of Iceland, i've been to Reykjavík once and sadly that was only as a stop over on the way to LA, i'd love to go back though, it looks like a beautiful country, takk fyir ♥)