Wednesday 29 September 2010

Pills and Photoshop ♥

So it's been a funny couple of days, I didn't go into college on Monday (ill ill ill) and I get Tuesdays and Wednesdays of so... did someone say 5 day weekend!!!

today is set aside for college work, but to be honest... i've spent the past two days making these banner/ad things for my friends website. He helps run the Groudle Glen Railway here in the Isle of Man (for more info on the GGR check out THIS post from the summer - Super Duper Train Times)

anyway he asked me for an 'arty favour' and despite the fact I STILL have commissions to finsh not to mention a growing pile of college work... I agreed! why?! because i am a nice person... and an idiot. clearly!

Ah I don't mind helping out, I really like the railway and the more I learn about it the more I love it! Anyway, they're all done now (near enough) and are already up on the site. There's a Christmas one for the santa trains, a volunteer one... for volunteers and a general 'keep up to date' type one. 
Don't ask... they were all his ideas, I just did as I was told!

anyway you can check the website out here - GGR there you can learn more about the railway and book tickets for the Santa and Mince Pie trains etc etc

i really didn't mind making these, since it gave me a chance to play round a bit with photoshop (i still suck... but i'm learning) which i really need to practice using!

in other news... i'm anxiously awaiting my test results today from the Docs. i've been holed up in my dad's study all day (with my laptop... obviously) waiting for them to call. it's a nervous room right now, but the Glen Miller is blaring and slowly making me feel a bit better! 

edit: ok docs have JUST rung, all is well... some daft prescription for some pills that probably won't do anything! i wasted 5 capsules of blood for that... REALLY?! wtf...

i don't really have much to update you with really... i made looooads more banners for this blog (as you can see by scrolling... and scrolling) which is always a fun way to while away a Sunday! 

ok to make up for the lack on funalicious goodness... here's another artist i'd like to feature

her name is Aleksandra Marchocka and she is a totally awesome and incredibly talented  Polish graphic artist

i've been a fan of the work of Aleksandra Marchocka for quite a while. since i first joined deviantART in fact (all that time ago) and spotted one of her amazing pieces. (instantly FAVED) here it is...

isn't it adorable?! there's something so cute about her work and yet the themes she brings into it are almost always slightly dark and sinister. 

you don't always notice it at first because of the sugary candy colours and the girlyness, but then you look closer... and start to spot the darker details (like the skull sprinkles on the bunny donut above). it's really fabulous!

This is another one of my faves. Once again, it's girly and cute yet slightly disturbing! Wonderful work! she also has one of the best blog/shop headers i've seen in a long time.

i LOVE this header! the colours, the icing (or is it pink blood...) covered skull with the cherry on top, the creepy little pinup girls! everything about it is awesome! full view it and look carefully, if you think those pinups were twins... you're wrong! 

Her work is soooo amazing, and I could literally spend all day just going on and on about it but I think i've filled up this post more than enough!

here is her website (in case you missed it earlier) - Aleksandra Marchocka

I'm off to start preparing a spot of lunch now and then I genuinely do intend to get some college work done.

Whether i'll actually manage that task or not remains to be seen! But at least the sentiment is there... sort of!

That's all folks...

◕‿◕ ♥ xX

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