Tuesday 19 October 2010

BPL shoes ♥

so the last few days haven't delivered much in the way of news so instead i'm going to post about something else entirely!


the day is finally (almost) here

for those of you not in the know (unlike me...) tomorrow is International BPL heels day

shall I explain? I shall indeed...

basically, tomorrow is 'Black Patent Leather' (BPL) heel day

it's all been orchestrated by the lovely Leah who got in touch with me a few months ago about her love of BPL's and about wanting to bring the event to the masses

she really is a super shoe idol, she takes being a shoe lover to a whole new level, just check out this shot of her CUSTOM MADE BPL's

jealous much? i know i am!

this is what she had to say about starting the BPL movement and her love of shoes...

"I have loved black patent leather heels since the first day I started playing around in my mother's closet as a little girl. I have over 40 pair of BPL's starting with my favorites which are the custom made ones in the profile picture. I do have several Louboutin's as well all in black patent. 

 There is something about black patent leather shoes that make me so sexy, confident, and just all around fabulous that I'm totally hooked. One of the reasons for BPL heel day was to honor the most spectacular dress shoe for women in history. All of us addicts know just how important they are in our life"

for more information (and a gallery full of awesome BPL shoes) check out her super facebook page here - BPL shoe group or follow her on Twitter - BPL

i was more than happy to get involved and help promote the day via Twitter and my blog since i'm a total shoe-a-holic myself anyway and she just seemed so passionate about the subject it was a pleasure to help out

so what is it about Black Patent Leather shoes for me you may ask?

well ever since i was a little girl i've always loved shoes in general but Black Patent ones have played a particular role in my life

for as long as i can remember, BPL's have signified posh 'dressing up' occasions like Christmas, New Year and pretty much any evening out or party during my childhood. 

i also remember being dragged out to be fitted for my brand new School shoes every year, we always went to the same place to get my annual pair of start-rite school shoes + a pair of fancy patent ones for special occasions. 
these darling little patent leather baby shoes are by start-rite, i seem to recall owning a similar pair when i was about 4 or 5. but i would have also had little pairs of shoes more similar to these...

cute right? It's a shame really since nowadays BPL's have in a way been slightly ruined. I don't know why but some people seem to consider them as being almost tacky! i don't know how you can still call them tacky when you know they're the 'real deal' but there you go...

come on... teamed with the seamed stockings and a pencil skirt that is one seriously sultry fashion statement!!! and for what it's worth i think BPL's are just gorrrrgeous...

i think it's mainly because black patent LEATHER can often be mistaken for cheap PVC (it's the sheen I guess) and then they just lose all their glamour and purpose. I suppose it also doesn't help that they're usually so synonymous with fetish fashion, like these seriously bad little beauties! 

ouch! they make my feet hurt just looking at them! but not all BPL's have to be so devilish (not to mention excruciating) what about these super sweet Dolce & Gabbana courts with a leopard print sole...

 or these by... well actually i don't know who they're by but my golly gosh they're pretty damn fabulous aren't they! look at that golden sole! and those heels! blimey they're more like dangerous weapons than shoes...

but lets not dither about here! i mean how could we honestly talk about delectable shoes without including a pair of 'to-die-for' BPL "d'Orsay" stilettos by the Shoe God Christian Louboutin...
they really are a thing of beauty aren't they! god i could stare at his shoes all day i really could!

i guess i don't know exactly what it is about BPL's. i think it has a lot to do with my childhood since i know my mum has always loved Black Patent Leather as well, i guess it's stuck with me a bit!

i think that it's even what inspired me to pick my current mobile phone...
i mean look at the design! it's colours are just like a Louboutin shoe! it's sad that even my phone was chosen because of my love of shoes!

i can't help it though! even now when i walk into the shoe dept of a luxury brand store like Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Brown Thomas, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman's etc etc i can't help but be drawn to the lustrous shine of a patent heel (Christian Louboutin's stilettos being an absolute favourite of course!)

designer shoes in general often turn me into a gushing giggling wreck and will literally send me skipping round a shoe display with girlish happiness but there is something so special, so precious and almost decadent about  a black patent shoe... 

* * *

ok i think i've gushed enough for tonight, so basically the point of this post was... take part in BPL day tomorrow and show your love and appreciation of black patent by wearing your favourite BPL's

it doesn't matter if they're ballet flats or towering heels, brogues or boots... if they're black, patent and leather then wear them and support the movement

it's not just for girls either, guys can join in too if they dig out a pair of BPL's, it doesn't have to JUST be heels to show your support you know... 

by the way... if anyone else is taking part in this tomorrow, email me a photo of you in your fave BPL's and i'll post it on the blog (visit my website for my email address here - Jade Boylan Illustration)

that's all folks...

 ◕‿◕ ★ xX