Tuesday 7 December 2010

Curvy Corsets and Pretty Pinup Photography ♥

so... i have once again failed monumentally on the 'Super Sunday' post times

i spent most of Sunday trying to work out who i could dedicate a post to and although i could think of quite a few people i think deserve a post, i couldn't decide on who to choose so...  i ended up not posting anything at all!

i apologize for this, the 'Super Sunday' posts are supposed to be a reprieve from my normal (read - boring) day to day rantings so i'm sorry that i didn't post one last week, i'll make sure i write one this week (promise)

anyway, on with todays post...

it's my day off today and since i had my college assessment yesterday i've been researching new things to draw and make for my Pinup project

i've been officially banned from using my macbook to create work (unless it's loosely painted on a tablet... however, i don't even OWN a tablet!!!) up until my next assessment! (panic, panic... SCREAM)  

this may seem strict (not to mention impossible) for me to stick to but i am willing to do my best and give it a go

hopefully this means i'll start creating work using other means and do you know what... i'm actually pretty excited about the idea of getting back to arty basics and cracking on with some proper mixed media pieces!

anyway, on Sunday evening i posted a picture to my Tumblr and i got so many reposts and notes i thought i'd dedicate a post to the same sort of thing on here

you all know how much i luuuuuurve all things Pinup and Burlesque so today i'm going to share with you some stuff that i have only recently discovered

namely, a wonderful Corset Couturier AND an incredible Pinup Photographer

let's kick it off then shall we!

here's a bit about the wonderful 'Jupiter Moon 3' custom corset couturier...

Jupiter Moon 3 is run by the super duper Designer/Seamstress Jennifer Gonzalez who is currently based in San Antonio, Texas. 

she is utterly fabulous and promises to make quality corsets, for tightlacing, waist training, weddings,  burlesque, prom, Renaissance Faire, historical fashion, stage costume, everyday wear, club wear, fetish, pin-up, cosplay, Lolita, retro, belly dancing, gothic, steampunk, cyber...  The list goes on and on! 

i love to draw corsets and i get a lot of my inspiration for illustrations from sites like this but normally, sites that sell corsets just show photos of the finished corset, not all sites show the pieces actually being modeled.

the photos on this site however, are unbelievable, not only are the corsets completely bespoke and unique, they've been photographed so beautifully as well

in fact... i realise that i often talk too much in these posts so you know what... i'm going to let the photos do the talking this time...

those of you out there that are keen Pinup fans may have noticed that the fabulous Pinup Model Masuimi Max appears in most of the shots, doesn't she model those corsets to perfection though!

this is the image i first posted to Tumblr, the one that got loads (well, loads for me) of reposts and 'likes'. 

i haven't a clue exactly where i'm going now with my Pinup project at college but all i know is that i cannot WAIT to start creating some work inspired by these images!

sadly i don't own a corset but i would give anything to own a bespoke custom made 'jupiter moon 3' corset! aren't they divine!!! here's hoping that one day i'll be able to order myself one!

anyway, while collecting research off the Jupiter Moon 3 site i also learnt about another amazing Pinup photography site called 666Photography.

666photography is lead by the photographer Gayla, it's based in Austin, Texas (hence it's link with Jupiter Moon 3) 

all of the sets used in the photo shoots are created especially by the team at 666, they strive to create only the most awe inspiring sets for their shoots as it says on their site

 'There is no concept that you can throw at 666 that we can't create!'

i spent a lot of time rooting through all the gorgeous images on this site, i've seen some stunning Pinup photography before but some of these images are truly incredible!

Dia de los Muertos themed Pinup's are something i've wanted to have a go at for a while and i've seen a few wonderful Pinup shoots and pieces of artwork with Muertos themes before, but i've never seen a set of images quite as super duper as this!

aren't they stunning?! Seasonal Muertos Pinups, what's not to love!!! the detail in them is phenomenal, every little petal and ruffle only adds to the magic of each image.

you can check out the stunning shoots here on the 666photography site

* * *

and that's enough gorrrrgeous corsets for today i think

the house is starting to look all festive since my mum has spent the morning putting up all the decorations, i'm not allowed to help... since apparently i do it wrong

sorry.. WHO'S the artist in the family?!

ah it's ok, she does a smashing job

right, i'm off to do a bit of college logbook work (shock horror!)

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ★ xX

Salamat at Paalam na hô

(that's thank you and goodbye in Filipino on behalf of the Philippines, paalam xX)