Friday 1 April 2011

Felicity the Fawn ★

wow so long time no posts eh! i've not been out much this week so i guess there's just not been that much for me to blog about!

yesterday i abandoned my macbook (shock horror) and spent the day making a new plushie to add to the collection i seem to be building

this particular creation was something i'd never really attempted before, so it was more of an experiment than anything!

i didn't finish it until about 2am this morning, and it's still not perfect but i might as well show you anyway

this little lovely is 'Felicity the Fawn' (hence the post title) and she took foreverrrr to make!

my plush making skills aren't the greatest so why i attempted this i'll never know but there you go

she's about 9 inches tall and is quite soft really, her head is anyway!

she has a little bow on her front and a rose quartz + glass seed bead necklace to match her baby pink/baby blue colouring

her ears and tail are blanket stitches and her eyes are painted felt 

her markings + eyes are glued on whereas everything else was stitched by hand

at the minute she's just standing on my desk fitting in with the general colour scheme of the colourful clutter that fills my room

i left the 4 little Lalaloopsy girls with her though for some company . . .

i'll make some more of these if anyone would like their own little Fawn but i think this one might just have to be a present for my friend Charlotte's 'soon to arrive' baby girl Lily ♥

not really sure what to have a go at making next, i might go back to some embroidery again i think, but who knows!

* * *

in other news . . .

the only place i've been this week is to college (briefly) on Wednesday before heading out to Milntown Estate in the North of the island with most of my HND class to look around the gardens

Milntown is this beautiful old 16th Century house built in an expansive estate surrounded by manicured gardens sitting on the land below Sky Hill

we were there to research a possible class commission and despite the rain and the cold it was a great morning

the gardens are closed to the public until April so we had the place to ourselves really which was nice

we wandered around the pretty gardens which were full of gorgeous flowers, manicured lawns, water features and woodland areas

it was brilliant + we stayed there for lunch in the Milntown cafe

for more information visit the Milntown website here - Milntown

the gardens are officially open to the public as of today, April 1st

* * *

that's all to report for now

i'm heading into Douglas tomorrow to look for a 'mother's day' gift for my mum + a trip to the book shop to gather some new reading material, because let's face it. . . you can never have too many books!

that's all folks . . .

◕‿◕ xX