Wednesday 17 August 2011

Art and Shopping ★

wow art AND shopping in one post... well they are two of my favourite things, what did you expect!!!

anyway, while i was in Kinsale yesterday i also took the opportunity to re-visit a fabulous little gallery shop i saw last year during my visit (see old post - kicking back in kinsale

this gallery always seems to be filled with the most incredible paintings and ceramic pieces, this year was no exception

(artwork shown here by: Ruthie Ashenhurst, Carolanne Crosbie, Lucia Parle, John Lawrence, Amélie Gagné, Sara Roberts, Adrian Wistreich, Julian Smith, Victor Richardson)

while i was there i also treated myself to this beautiful little ceramic heart brooch, made by wonderfully talented Irish artist Lucia Parle. isn't it pretty!!! 

here's some more of her gorgeous Ceramics work (images via Crafts Council of Ireland)

* * *

so today i just wandered around Cork City Centre again for a few hours since i love the shops on St Patrick's street so much! super duper fun times!

anyway, since i've been out this week near so many wonderful shops, obviously i've ended up treating myself to one or two little bits and bobs!

i thought today i could show you some of the lovely stuff i've bought so far...

well there's the truly awesome pencil necklace and crayon bracelet!!! i figured that being an artist they'd be quite suitable! (Accessorize, Cork)

a colourful little pinwheel pencil! because let's face it... who doesn't love a pinwheel on a pencil!!! (Stationary Shop, Kinsale)

a big ol' yummy rainbow swirl lollipop! tutti frutti goodness!!! (Aunty Nellie's Sweet Shop, Kinsale)

a yummy cupcake scented air freshener. it's for my room... i already have a different strawberry cupcake one hanging from my calender! don't judge!!! (Accessorize, Cork)

a pair of gorgeous pencil cases/cosmetics bags that i couldn't resist! (Jello, Kinsale)

a lovely vintage glass beaded velvet and satin tie-up belt, loved the tasseled rope ties! (PaNdEmOnIuM, Kinsale) 

+ a pretty print, i spotted it in the window of a stationary shop in Kinsale and just knew i had to have it!!! 

it's by British Illustrator Julie Fletcher (print from James Ellis)

i've actually seen some of Julie's work once or twice before floating about online, i just loved the colours in this print though + the adorable little characters! love, love, love it

* * *

anyway, since it was our last day in Cork, today my mum also decided to treat herself to something special! 

i met her outside Brown Thomas and after we had a lovely wander around the handbag hall, she eventually settled for a gorgeous Michael Kors handbag!

 it's a lovely bag, very smart with a fabulous metallic lining and pretty 'MK' charm on the front

very swish! we make quite the stylish pair, her with her MK tote and my with my new Gucci Indy :)

* * *

oh and before i forget, i also popped back in to Peacock and Ruby + Miss Daisy Blue in the market today to say thanks again for being allowed to snap so many pictures of those gorgeous shops! so big thanks again to Breda at Miss Daisy Blue and Noelle (who i met today) and Jill at Peacock and Ruby, thank you :) x

* * *

well i guess that's it for today! tomorrow we're packing up and heading up to Waterford for 2 days (which isn't nearly enough time!!!) so look out for pics of my adventures!

but until then, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX