Tuesday 19 April 2011

Cute Cakes and Pretty Princesses ♥

sorry for having vanished over the past few days, i intended to write a post yesterday about my new illustrations but i didn't get them finished in time!

you see, i spent all of Sunday afternoon drawing and sketching away in my room trying to come up with more candy themed designs but they took me so long to edit i forgot to write a blog post!

however . . .

they're finished today!

so sit back and enjoy a sugary little treat, after all, these sweet little designs are 100% calorie free!

what's on the menu for today then?

well, why not start with a tasty little macaroon, colourful, pretty and oh so delicious . . .

then maybe a yummy cupcake, with pink icing (of course) and a cherry on top

maybe you'd prefer something a little sweeter? try one of these little peppermint sticks or a strawberry swirl lollipop

fancy something with a bit more 'crunch'? then try one of these little lovelies! here we have cookies crammed with chocolate chunks, delicately iced biscuits and jam filled ones too

still hungry? then maybe you'd like to try a slice of this black forest gateaux, chocolate and cherry heaven in every bite

time to cool off, maybe you should have a yummy ice cream, take your pick from vanilla or strawberry whippy, with a chocolate flake on top 

craving something a little creamier? try one of these delectable red velvet cupcakes, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth

don't worry if you can't finish it all, i'll pop it in a bag for you and tie it up with a pretty bow

come on now . . . don't pretend you're not hungry!

they were so much fun to draw though! you all know how much i adore anything candy or cake related so you'll know i'm serious about how fun it was to edit so many sugary sweet things

* * *

so what else i hear you cry?!

well remember the little Cupcake Princess??? remember her big sister?

well now i'd like you to meet their mother, the Cupcake Queen . . .

(don't worry, the hair colour will all make sense eventually!) i've been meaning to draw her for a while now, still struggling to draw the Cupcake King but the Queen appeared quite easily for some inexplicable reason

since i was drawing dresses i decided to draw in the rest of the big sisters dress as well because when i drew out this little 'let them eat cake' illustration (available as a postcard print here - etsy) i left the dress unfinished, just cut her off at the hips, with no pretty gown or anything!

so i decided to have a little go at finishing her dress as well

i know it's kind of similar to the Queen's (+ they really look alike i know) but i wanted it to be that way, i want you to be able to tell that they're related but not entirely the same 

+ i wanted the Queen's dress to be more decadent and detailed than her daughters

+ you can see where the patterns on the little Princess' dress come from, 

don't they make a sweet family though, Sprinkles the dog is there as well! (just click on the image for a slightly bigger view)

* * *

not much else to tell today, as you may have gathered, i haven't left the house in quite a few days although hopefully i'll be meeting a friend tomorrow and actually get to see the outside world for once!

hope you've enjoyed this candy coloured post

that's all folks . . .

◕‿◕ ★ xX