Tuesday 10 August 2010

greetings from heaven... aka Dublin

so this is where i spent my afternoon...

in HEAVEN!!!

also known as Brown Thomas on Grafton street in Dublin

also known as my heaven

i'd slowly been making my way to it all day, cleverly steering the parents away from O'Connell street, over the bridge up past Trinity College to the delights of Grafton street, they were none the wiser thank god but i certainly was! i was hardly going to come to Dublin and not visit Brown Thomas was i!

naturally i did my research before leaving the island!

but thank god i had my trusty cream ChloƩ Paddington with me otherwise i swear they might have kicked me out of the shop! it was soooo luscious and gorgeous inside! it was basically Selfridges in Dublin... only with a little bit of added Irish charm

my mum nearly bought these patent mary janes from the Christian Louboutin section, i physically had to try and remove her from the shop only somehow we ended up stuck in the Louis Vuitton section instead drooling while the lovely shop assistant gladly sorted out the latest season bags for us to parade around in front of the mirror with.

it was a pair of little Lanvin pumps that i had to be dragged away from though!

i pretty much wept in the Chanel section. too many 2.55's, in every colour! i could have died for the delicious burgundy one!

the only place i felt at home was the ChloƩ section because at least i've got a taste of that from my two Paddingtons

still... as soon as i found the Marc Jacobs bit it was the end! one day that stam will be mine i swear to god!

i also fell in love with this little bejewelled bag in the Miu Miu area, gorgeous, sparkly, perfect.

it came in mint, blushed champagne and charcoal. any colour would suit me fine if anyone fancies getting me one for Christmas!

God bless Brown Thomas that's all i can say!

that's all for now,

arrivederci mia amicas

◕‿◕ xX