Friday 18 March 2011

Friday Fun ★

firstly... i fixed the sidebar looook >>> 
i fixed it last night with my amazing html skills in disguise... because i am a little bit of a 

ok on with the post...

so today was actually a pretty good day

it ended up especially awesome since i FINALLY got to visit the 'Just Enough' store in Laxey

it's no exaggeration when i say that i have quite literally been desperate to go to this shop for months and months and months!

but because the parking outside it is always so busy i've never gotten the chance to pop by for a visit... until today!!!

sadly i didn't have my camera with me (just my crummy mobile which would NOT have done the place justice) but believe me, it is the most amazing and gorgeous haberdashery shop i have EVER been to... ever!

every day i drive past and peek in the shop windows which are always full of all manner of awesome things, including big Betty Boop statuettes (and we all know how much i LOVE Betty Boop) + gorgeous colourful gypsy style chandeliers and swathes of glorious fabric

before i'd even stepped foot in the door i'd pretty much established that is is 'me' in shop form...

so what did i get i hear you cry!

well after i'd stopped hyperventilating from how amazing the place was i chose a little selection of haberdashery bits and bobs

the place is full of gorgeous bits and bobs like these!

i have NO idea what i'll use the bits for but i had to have them regardless...

also went a bit yampy over all the super duper reels of ribbon that were stacked on the shelves

aaarrrghhhh it was SOOOO magical in there!

i mean LOOK... polka dot and heart patterned ribbon!!! it's just soooo darn lovely!

i didn't get that much stuff really which i regret now, i just couldn't stop running around the shop staring at everything it really was all so pretty!

i intend to go back as soon as i can to snap some photos so you can all see how fabulous it is (Justine the owner kindly said she'd let me take some photos so next time i visit i will DEFINITELY take my camera) + get my hands on some more gorgeous haberdashery stuff

* * *

i actually made it into college nice and early today (well 9:15am is verrry early for me!) and had a pretty fruitful day work wise

i edited the little mini marie antoinette style girl and printed out a few A3 and A4 copies

she looked divine printed out! even my tutor Andy liked the images + kept asking what happens in the story

tricky really since i've only half written it so far so i can't really answer yet!

i also cracked on with a bit of sewing

now the other two things i'm in the middle of making aren't quite finished yet, but this one is...

yes it's a yummy strawberry necklace!!!

this big ol' squishy plush strawberry was handmade today (by me) using felt, embroidery floss + fibre fill stuffing

the pips are french knots (FINALLY mastered the french knot... YESSSS!) and the stalk is blanket stitched in place (also mastered blanket stitch... successful day today stitch wise)

i've added the pretty little red gingham bow i got from 'Just Enough' and i plan to sell this little lovely on my etsy store soon

it's on a big ol' long chain as well so it hangs just below the waist

ignoring the abysmal photo quality... what do you think of it dudes and dudettes??? 

* * *

that's all for today i think

i'm not sure what i'm up to tomorrow yet, i'll either head into Doolish town to see my cousins or i'll stay at home and practice being a hermit

until next time

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ♥ xX