Saturday 13 August 2011

Wizard Wednesday ♥

so i promised i'd do a little post today didn't i!

well today i've been busy sorting stuff for my trip to Ireland tomorrow + working on some commission files

anyway, on Wednesday (as in, the Wednesday just gone) i had a brilliantly busy day in Douglas here on the island

i spent the morning trawling around the shops looking for goodies to put in the giveaway (don't for get to enter! - August Giveaway)

then in the afternoon i got to visit my cousins Gary and Sharon + their kids Robson, Hanna and my little god-daughter Bonnie

it's been a couple of months since i last saw Bonnie and Hanna so it was lovely to spend some time with them

we had a good giggle doing some drawing and colouring, + playing with Oscar the cat

i got the girls a special little treat since i know they're both such big fans of Hello Kitty (Bonnie has a HK pencil case and school bag) i got them Hello Kitty marshmallow lollipops!

which unsurprisingly... went down rather well with the two little ladies!

they didn't want to eat them at first though! Hanna just kept sniffing hers...

but after a while Bonnie realised how yummy Hello Kitty's ears were!

oh it was so great to see them! i've missed both soooo much!!!

they're just the sweetest little sweethearts! 

anyway after that i had to go all the way down to Ronaldsway to collect my dad from the airport, we stopped for a coffee/frescato at the new Costa at the sea terminal before heading to the gorgeous old Gaiety Theatre and Opera house on Douglas Promenade to see the Taylorian production of 'The Wizard of Oz'

i may have mentioned it before but i'm a big BIG fan of Musicals both on film and on the stage, i've always loved the book and i loved the movie of the Wizard of Oz as well so when i found out this was going to be on at the Gaiety i really REALLY wanted to go!

luckily... my lovely mother won a pair of tickets to go and see it and since my dad is such a big fan of Musical's too, he took me along to see it

i love going to the theatre! especially to the Gaiety, it is one of my favourite buildings on the island, so so beautiful, i just love it

i've grown up visiting the theatre to watch shows + i've taken part and helped backstage in a few as well over the years. i've been coming to the Gaiety for as long as i can remember actually, i just love it! it's gorgeous outside but the interior is even more amazing! 

isn't it beautiful! 

anyway back to the point, the show was incredible! such an amazingly talented cast of Manxies, the sets, costumes, lighting, music and acting was just top notch! i loved every minute of it :)

if you live local i definitely recommend you go and see it! my friend Shiny went with her family last Tuesday to see it and my cousins went to see the matinee performance this afternoon and they all LOVED it too! in fact, i haven't heard a bad review of it yet because it's just THAT good!

* * *

anyway not much else for today, sorry for all the uber personal posts lately! i'm sure you don't just come here to read about my day to day life! or do you...

ah well, Ireland tomorrow so you can expect lots of lovely shopping and scenery filled posts! + i've got a couple of Creative Café features up my sleeve as well so watch out for those!

until then, that's all folks... ★ ◕‿◕ xX

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  1. Aw, we have a cat called Oscar too - best name EVER!!! These are such adorable pictures, just so cute!!

    Being a super talented illustrator yourself, I thought you might want to see that I've put some of my work up on my blog - would love to know what you think xxxx