Friday 12 August 2011

Muddy Boots ★

so today it was the Royal Manx Agriculture Show here on the Isle of Man, the show is held every year for 2 days and is a brilliant day out for any Manxie (or visitor!!!) 

ever since i was about eleven-years-old i've been going to the show to help/hang out with my friend Chantal in the trophy tent where her + her lovely mum Lorraine work every year

sadly i missed the show last year since i was in Ireland but this year... i was here for it!!!

unfortunately though this year the weather wasn't up to it's usual sunny August standard so it was a little gloomy, not cold, just a bit cloudy and rainy, unfortunately my old wellington's don't fit me so i had to wear my glen walking boots instead!  and since we all know i tend to live in dresses/skirts, today was no exception despite the adverse weather conditions!!! (i'm insane... clearly) i even took my Gucci Indy along for the day!!!

in fact the only problem was that THIS year they'd moved the location of the show so it meant leaving the house at 8am to get there for the opening! my lovely dad chauffeured me there and back (ta dad), here he is posing by one of the many massive tractors on the showground

and here i am... also posing by a tractor, a big RED one! :)

eventually, after wandering around for a while, i spotted the trophy tent and rushed inside to find Chantal and Lorraine (whom i hadn't seen in aaaaaages!!!)

the trophy tent is fabulous though, i love sitting in there every year + helping to hand out the trophies!

we wandered around the showground for a bit as well though, and of course myself + Shiny (Chantal) couldn't resist stopping to pose with this lovely 'cow'

milkshake in hand as well! oh well! Shiny practiced her pinup pose when it was her turn...

so chic!  even in wellington boots...

there were lots of real animals there as well though obviously! including some very real cows...

we also looked after Shiny's little brother Cameron, her sister Lizzie and their little cousins Jess and Lewis, visiting from Glasgow with their lovely mum. there are dozens of brilliant games and stalls dotted about the showground + loads of bouncy castles, so there was plenty to keep them occupied!

we had a mooch around the craft tent for a bit then Jess spotted a 'glitter tattoo' stall where she got a sparkly mermaid on her arm, then Shiny decided that she wanted a little Henna tattoo so got this awesome, custom '3 legs of mann' tattoo on her wrist!

it was our turn to watch the tent after that though so we settled down for a while, which gave lovely little Jess the chance to draw some amazing pictures for us! she gave me these two to keep

and this one of myself + Shiny as mermaids!

gorgeous drawings! i love them :) Jessica is a very super duper little doodler for sure!

we all happily nattered and chattered away, it was great to catch up with Shiny as well after so long!

but alas, we all had to be quiet then because we spotted local radio presenters Alex and Ash from Manx Radio, recording live on the air right outside our trophy tent

it wasn't easy though! we all got the giggles and had to try and behave!!! Alex and Ash had certainly come prepared with wellington's and coats, they didn't look to overjoyed to be wandering around in the rain though! 

anyway to pass the time, myself + Shiny had a go at taking some daft pictures but truth be told most of them were so awful Shiny made me swear not to post them on here!!!

so i'll just post the 'ott pouting one' instead...

i really did have the most brilliant day though! i always enjoy the show and i'm super glad that i went today! 

for all the Manxies out there reading this, the show is on again tomorrow and don't forget it's being held at Patrick this year instead of Sulby

* * *

in other news, i forgot to tell you about this the other day but i won some stickers in a mini facebook page giveaway held by the very awesome and groovy Pete Bessent aka Purple Cactus

i got to pick out 6 gorgeous sticker designs for myself from his redbubble shop

so i picked... these ones

 to see the rest of Pete's epic sticker designs, follow this link - stickers

i won't go in to too much about Pete's artwork right now since i'll hopefully be doing a Creative Café feature on his work soon enough, but to see more of his stuff be sure to visit his Facebook fan page - Purple Cactus Design

anyway, thanks for the stickers! i LOVE them!!!

* * *

not much else for today, i can't go to the second day of the show tomorrow since i'm going to be pretty busy, but i WILL be posting a blog tomorrow night so look out for that!

until then, that's all folks... ★ ◕‿◕ xX

ps - a dozen or so entries for the giveaway so far, you have 19 days left to enter - August Giveaway

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