Wednesday 9 March 2011

Wedesday Weather ★

so i don't know WHAT is going on with the weather here at the moment! it's really sunny outside then ten minutes later there's cloud and rain! it's super windy yet if i look out the window i can still see blue sky and sunshine!


anyway today's post is going to feature some of the gorrrrrrgeous little bits i got at 'The Tide' in Ramsey on Monday afternoon/evening

now 'The Tide' is without a doubt my absolute favourite shop on the Island!!! 

i L-O-V-E it

now sadly i'm not allowed to take any photos of the inside of the shop due to copyright and such but all i can do is urge you to go and see it for yourself if you ever get the chance to visit the Isle of Man

it is the most super duper place ever! (fact)

it really the most delicious little treasure trove of a store, just bursting with sublime goodies! 

they sell everything from handmade one off jewellery pieces, vintage teacups, saucers and teapots, hand sewn dolls, bunting and aprons, the most amazing ornaments and decorations, delicate little crocheted toys and amazing fairytale snow globes, sparkly chandeliers, big ornate mirrors, hand sewn patchwork bags, ribbons, cards and wrapping paper in every pattern you could ever want + big luscious floral quilts, ruffled cushions and polka dot bedding!

it is heaven in shop form as far as i'm concerned and i could literally spend all day in there!

anyway let's get on with what i bought during this visit...

here we have little 'Peanut Big Top' kindly modeling in my new purchase

is it not the most fabulous little hot air balloon ever!!!

they had two hanging from the ceiling and i just had to have this lovely little blue one

should explain, the delightful cloudy sky behind is in fact a sheet of fabric i bought for an embroidery project, i ironed it out nice and neat to take these photos though. not sure what i'm going to make with it yet but i'll keep you posted!

but that's not all i got

i also chose this adorable little handmade doll

every time i visit the store i see these dolls hanging about the place or tucked away on shelves and i always want to get one but have to leave or can't afford one

so this time i thought what the hell, and got one for my room

i also got this teeny tiny little wooden charm...

why?! well because it's says' sweet like candy 'on it of course!!!

anyway the shop is magical, go and visit it or if you can't make it to the island, pop by their websites

or you can follow them on twitter - @thetide_friends

* * *

so what else have i been up to?!

well i got some new books out of the library on Monday and i was flicking through one of them today

it's a big old 50's scrapbook full of old advertisements, book covers and movie posters

there are some awesome pages in it full of all manner of fabulous 50's things

the fashion pages are particularly super duper

there's even a travel section showing UK holiday destinations, so imagine my surprise when i spotted something else that was on the page...

can you see it there in the middle... maybe this will help

yep there's even an old ad for the Isle of Man! the Island used to be a MASSIVELY popular tourist destination so i wasn't that surprised it was included, it was just nice to see that it wasn't forgotten!

 i also visited the craft shop the other day as well and came out with some candy coloured bundles of fabric

ooooooh i wonder what they're for!!! (wait and see)

and AND my new embroidery hoop arrived in the mail today

it's PINK!!!!!

i've no idea what i'm going to stitch into it but who cares... it's pink!

* * *

that's it for today, i'm off to try and work on these essays now 

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ♥ xX

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