Friday 11 March 2011

★ Fabulous Friday ★

So apologies for not posting yesterday, those of you that follow me on facebook or twitter might have noticed that I posted up a new website link...

I spent about 7 and a half hours straight working on a new website layout yesterday and it finally went live last night at about 9pm (massive thanks to the lovely Miss Danni Tatu for all of her amazing help, check out her awesomely gorgeous website here – doodlesbydanni

the new site is much easier to navigate than my old one was + it has clearer buttons, links and a bigger gallery

it took me a ridiculous amount of time to sort out (mainly because I suck at anything flash or html related) but it's finally up and running now! (thanks also to Joe for checking the site for bugs + other crazy technical things and for putting up with me ranting on about photoshop headaches all afternoon)

i should warn you all though... the site is a total cacophony of girlyness with pink everywhere + candy colours, sweeties and other girly stuff (also thanks to Mike for being the first guy to visit the site, he thought it was insanely gay... i did warn him though!)

i apologize to my male readers/fans... it had to be girly though! (it matches the artwork after all)

anyway you can now visit my 'official' website here 

oh and fyi it's a 'flash' site so it will NOT load on iPhones or iPads

and if it still won't load for you on a computer or laptop then check your adobe flash player...

* * *

in other news...

Today my new postcards and stickers arrived!!!

I was beyond excited to open these and they did not disappoint

the quality is lush with lovely glossy finishes + my little logo on the back 

lollipop + rococo cupcake postcards are now available to buy individually or in little bundles on the etsy shop - the Candy Cove

* * *

anyway on with the most IMPORTANT thing...

today is the last day you can enter the Giveaway!!!

there are less than 6 hours left to get your entries in to win...

this adorable acrylic pink poodle necklace

this little diddy hello kitty notebook

this set of super kawaii food badges/buttons

these tasty kawaii bubble stickers

this sweet (blank) cupcake card + detachable squishy cupcake magnet

as well as a FREE 'Sensationally Sweet' lollipop postcard (yes free)

and a liquorice allsorts keyring (not for sale anywhere on the web yet... anywhere)

AND a sheet of mini stickers that aren't available ANYWHERE else full stop!!!

not even to buy... these stickers are for me only so a sheet of them in the giveaway loot bundle is quite a big deal...

so yeah... lotsa goooooodies!

so what are you waiting for! get entering...

and remember i don't care if you're the other side of the planet, if you win i will post this stuff out to you, no problem!

i know i have a lot of international followers but i don't want any of you to think you can't enter

YOU CAN (in fact, please do)

ok so to enter all you have to do is comment on THIS here post right here that you are reading NOW right here... here just scroll down and leave a comment HERE

(even if it's just a word, leave a comment and you'll automatically be entered)

alternately, if you follow me on Twitter you can retweet to enter or send me an '@' reply/mention

or if you don't have a blogger account you can send an email to this address telling me that you want to enter -

and you can leave a comment on the facebook fan page

it's THAT simple!

to gain extra entries you can reblog me on tumblr - the-jaded-one

and for an extra EXTRA entry you can mention this giveaway in a blog post (if you do this then please leave or send me a link so i can see the post)

♥ ♥ ♥

maximum of 6 entries per person

the giveaway is running until Midnight (UK time) on Friday the 11th of March, so there's not THAT much time left to enter...

i will draw a winner tomorrow morning using a random number generator

i'll post the results on Saturday the 12th of March and the winner will be notified via email, facebook, tumblr or twitter accordingly

so go now and enter the giveaway

look at all the cute stuff you can win!

you won't believe this but i've already started picking up goodies for the NEXT giveaway so don't be too disheartened if you don't win this one

gosh i do spoil you guys...

◕‿◕ xX

ps – i'm really not much of a praying girl but right now all the prayers in my heart are going out to those affected by the devastating Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan + affected most of the Pacific basin. if you live in any of the countries or islands affected, keep safe + please be alright xX

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  1. is my comment. I want the necklace and the keyring the most xx