Saturday 18 December 2010

snow snow snow snow... SNOW ♥

well in case the title of todays post wasn't enough of a giveaway... yes it is indeed snowing ALL over the Isle of Man!

i couldn't make it to college yesterday so there was no HND xmas party for me this year!

the weird thing was, that yesterday there was basically NO snow up where i live (north of the island) yet the south and west of the island had come to a standstill due to the weather!

anyway, we all thought it would calm down overnight and in a way it did... then at 4am this morning it started to snow again

and it STILL hasn't stopped! :-O

now you see the problem...

THIS is what i woke up to!

now i normally LOVE the snow but to be honest i'm not so pleased about it's arrival this weekend for a few reasons

A: i'm supposed to be meeting my friend Charlotte in town today to exchange xmas prezzies + have a mooch around the shops for any last minute xmas bits... the snow has made this impossible!

B: my friends Mike and Kyren are supposed to be flying back to the island today... the airport is closed!

C: i spent at least an hour last night doing a sparkly, festively fun manicure (see below) and now i'm trapped in the house and have NO-ONE to show it off to... i want my friends to see my sparkly nails!

see... all sparkly! very Alexander McQueen i thought (slightly... maybe... a little bit) what with all the bright red and  gold going on

anyway it doesn't matter since nobody but the people that read my blog will get to see them!!!

i still roamed about in the snow though...

right well, it's frrrrrreeezing cold and snow is everywhere so here are some, well... A LOT of photos of my garden and the area where i live... enjoy

aaaagggghhhh why snow.. why today?!

in fact, the weather is SO bad, not only has the airport been closed and ALL of the islands bus services been stopped, even the Groudle Glen Railway had to cancel todays Santa Trains!!!

what a shame! stupid snow, ruining everyone's festive fun...


* * *

>>>Sewing/Embroidery UPDATE

so last night i sat and watched/listened to 'Moulin Rouge' and cracked on with a bit more embroidery

as you can see she's coming along quite nicely, with proper eyes and a mouth at last! next step is finishing off all the hair... and there's a lot of it!

anyway, i'll post a photo every time i've worked on it so you can see how it's progressing 

* * *

and that's just about it for today, i'm feeling rather bored what with being trapped in the house and all that so don't be too surprised if i end up posting again soon-ish

maybe not today, but almost definitely tomorrow

so wherever you are, have fun, if you're somewhere cold then wrap up warm and stay safe

and if you're somewhere warm... well, then you're very lucky!

that's all folks...

 ★ ◕‿◕ ★

muchas gracias y adios

(that's thank you and goodbye in Spanish on behalf of Argentina, another country i've sadly never visited, maybe one day i'll get to see it, gracias amigos ♥)

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