Monday 11 October 2010

Halloween Countdown ★

whaaat! there's a star instead of a heart in the title!!!!!

crazy times! 

so i've been poorly today = the reason why i failed to make it into collegio today! bad times all round...

this means i have pretty much spent my day watching Family Guy and Mad Men... so it hasn't been all bad! ◕‿◕ 

i have something to share though, since it's October and Halloween (or Samhain or Hop tu naa or whatever you want to call it) is fast approaching, the Haunted House Halloween Showcase of images has once again been opened up on Art (one of my fave portfolio websites) aaaaand... i've got a couple of illustrations in the showcase!

i honestly don't have a clue where the other three pictures are but i know that the creepalicious Tattooed Pin-up Girl (see previous Blog Post - 10/10/10 ♥) is on the FRONT PAGE of the showcase!!!!!

so at the minute i think my picture is about 36th out of 50 on the front page of thumbnails. i feel very honoured to have made it onto the front page for the second year in a row. you can see the whole Showcase riiiight here - Haunted House

just follow the link above, click on the 'thumbnails' option in the top left corner and scroll down to spot mine ♥

i got a little screencap just to keep a record of it being on the front page (i did this last year as well for my 'killer zombie heels' as well... i know i'm a saddo!)
i LOVE getting my pictures in the Halloween Showcase simply because it always seems to get me sooooo many image hits! last year the Killer Zombie heels got 1847 hits in October alone!

so i uploaded the 'Tattooed Pin-up Girl' yesterday... and she already has almost 500 hits!!! in 24 hours that's amazing for someone like me!

i sometimes get 500 hits a MONTH with the collective hits for 100 images not just 1 picture on it's own...

god bless the Halloween Showcase Haunted House!

* * *

anyway, in other news... and literally 'news'

as i've said before, i'm not a particularly religious person and i'm definitely not much of a praying girl... 

but right now my prayers are all going to the Penniman family, praying for the swift and safe recovery of Paloma Penniman.

in case you have no idea what i'm talking about, it's all to do with the singer Mika and his family.

basically Mika's sister, Paloma had a terrible accident and is critically ill in hospital :-(

now you all know i'm a huuuuuge Mika fan, but i'm also a fan of the Family Penniman in general since they all seem to be so amazingly talented and super duper (I'm a huge fan of his sister Yasmine's wonderful illustrations + i sat near the whole brood at Mika's London gig last year and they really were the sweetest bunch of siblings!)

from left to right we have Zuleika, Yasmine, Mika, Paloma and Fortuné

i know it's literally none of my business and everything but i am a fan and it's sad to hear that she is so ill! 

they are renowned for being such a close family so my prayers go out to all of them at what must be a terribly traumatic time.

i won't go into details but if you want to know what happened you can read the full story here - Daily Mail article

* * *

ok that's it for tonight i guess, bit of a short post i guess... apologies!

i spent the afternoon tidying my room (oh what jolly fun) and i have decided to post a few pics of my room. you may be wondering why the hell i would want to do that... but wait and see! you haven't seen my room!!!! there are so many books in there i might as well be living in my local library! 

ok, off to watch the rest of 'rude tube epic fails' which i recorded the other day. i recorded it for three very important reasons! it's very VERRRY funny, it's EPIC and full of fails and most importantly... it's presented by the adorable and rather super duper Alex Zane!

that's all folks...

so long and thanks for all the fish!

 ◕‿◕ ★ xX

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