Tuesday 12 October 2010

Presents and Petit Plats ♥

So my dad got back late last night from a trip across. He's been gone for a fortnight (it has been blissful) and since he'd been away so long he deigned to get little gifts for myself and my dear mama (aka mum)

Now I'm not ungrateful but you have to be fairly dubious when it comes to getting presents off my dad since you literally never know what on earth he'll have picked out for you!

So he went to fetch the presents and me + mum waited patiently wondering what it would be this time (past items have included such delight as boxes of Canderel coffee sweeteners, mini pocket torches, boxes and boxes and boxes of Turrón (yummy Spanish almond nougat) and even a plastic ruler... that wasn't straight)

so you'll understand why we weren't expecting too much!

Then he whipped out a brand new state of the art e-machines windows 7 laptop PC for my mum!!!

her laptop broke a few weeks ago and she has been sadly mourning it's absence for quite some time now, so this present really couldn't have been more ideal or perfecto!

I actually thought 'wow... what's he got for me???'

now in the past his gifts have also included... packs of post it notes (I never need to buy any... ever... again) tins of pens and pencils (ditto, never need to buy any) 

and every once in a while he'll really pull through and turn up with a brand new Hardback book (he gets them while he's in Ireland so they're usually by Cecilia Ahern) or even a spiffy new Art History book (past subjects have included Dali, Turner, Rembrandt and Banksy). 
So not too bad, the books I love, the post its... do sometimes come in handy but at least he tries right?!

so I was actually pretty excited to see what he'd gotten for me!

then he handed me my gift.

A state of the art electric paper shredder that clips onto your bin.

all I could do was smile and say 'thanks dad' as I graciously accepted my gift.

Now like I said, i'm not an overly ungrateful person so if I worked in an office or if I had a particularly large amount of personal paperwork flying about the place I would understand the gift, maybe even cherish it!

But as it is... I don't work in an office, I don't have paperwork everywhere and if he thinks the shredder was a good idea so I could shred all the stacks of old illustrations that are piled about in my room... I NEVER shred my old illustrations no matter how good or bad they are!!!

So thank you dad. Thank you for the electric paper shredder.

* * *

Moving swiftly on...

I know I said I was going to post some photos of my room for you all but... it STILL isn't finished! Now don't go thinking i'm so slovenly my room is always knee deep in rubbish!!! 

The only reason it takes me so long is because I get constantly distracted by old things that I find and by the music I play whilst i'm cleaning! It's a vicious cycle of daftness i'm afraid!

So WHEN (if ever) I actually manage to finish tidying it THEN I shall post a few snaps for your enjoyment... 

until then, here's some other stuff i like...

so these delightful (not to mention delicious) looking earrings are by the super duper French artist and designer (and all round miniature sculpture genius) Stéphanie Kilgast - Petit Plat

i've been a fan of her incredible miniature creations for some time now since i first came across some of her itsy bitsy pieces on deviantART - Petit Plat DA

but after all... I am a closet Dolls House enthusiast so it's no surprise that her charming little pieces make me smile so much.

now if you're wondering where to get any of these yummy little beauties (or if anyone would like to treat me to a pair of those gorgeous earrings...) they're sold from her super etsy shop here - Petit Plat etsy

they're such clever creations though aren't they! such incredible detail even on the most intricate pieces!

i think the little macaroons might be my absolute faves! there's something so adorable about them not! and the fact that they really do look good enough to eat! 

and another one of the macaroons... just because they're so god-damn AWESOME!

so anyway yes, she is amazing and the things that she makes are truly merveilleux and magnifique! bravo Stéphanie! J'adore ça ★

* * *

oh dear... I just overheard my mum telling my dad that I don't need the shredder because, and i quote... 'she doesn't have any secret documents to shred, she doesn't have things like that...'

and he got all huffy and kept saying 'fine, i'll have it'

oh dear oh dear! 

I guess that's all folks...

until we meet again, au revoir, 
À bientôt

 ◕‿◕ xX 

ps - just to keep you all updated... the 'Tattooed Pin-up Girl' illustration has now hit over 1375 views in the past 48 hours alone!

 so thanks v much to everyone that's clicked on it, if you want to add to that count then just click on THIS link - Jade Boylan on Art Wanted

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  1. Yummy! This stuff is right up our street - thank you so much for blogging about it. Love it all! x