Sunday 10 October 2010

10/10/10 ♥

so apparently it's a pretty special day today?!

10th of the 10th of 2010

yeah yeah yeah... so it's unusual and all that but to be honest the day hasn't been any more amazing than any other normal sunday!

i've spent the day in my pj's editing photos and working on logo commissions, chatting on skype and watching a bit of 'Mad Men'

all in all it's been a nice day

so... relatively short post tonight (well it IS a Sunday after all...)

i guess this post will act as the first official grand unveilling of my Creepalicious slightly Halloween inspired Pin-up Girl illustration!

so about a week and a half ago i made a few photo-copies of some of my old Pin-up Girls, i messed around with some acrylic and a bit of watercolour before settling on some good old fashioned coloured pencil crayons

so aaaages ago using THIS photo of the gorgeous Amanday Seyfried from the Vanity Fair 'vanities' Pin-up series...

i drew THIS illustration...
and using a grayscale photocopy of THIS girl... i ended up colouring it like THIS...
she's supposed to be coloured in the style of Angelique Houtkamp (more info in THIS post - 

Patterns and Pinafores ♥) but it wasn't easy since the image i was working on was an A3 photo copy AND i have rubbish pencil crayons, however i did my best and with a little bit (aka A HELL OF A LOT) of photoshop editing i ended up with this...

so yeah... you can see why she's a Halloween inspired Pin-up i think! i did my best though, i definitely wanted her to be a tattooed pin-up. initially she was supposed to be a sort of witchy pin-up (what with the wicked witch of the West green for the bikini) but i hadn't planned on how i was going to do the tattoos. 

to begin with i downloaded some basic tattoo photoshop brushes but they were a bit naff so i had a better idea...

i scoured Angelique's website (Salon Serpent) and using screencaps from her prints and paintings i painstakingly turned 30 of her tattoo designs into tattoo brushes for this illustration.

you see... i TOLD you it was taking me a while! now you know why! 

i guess since so much has been done to the original scan you could call this a sort of digital painting but either way, i'm happy with how she's turned out. 

it took FOREVER to edit... but it's done now!

that's it really, i've been so busy tonight working on logo re-designs i forgot to make anything to eat!

so... off to microwave some popcorn and flick through the latest issues of Vogue and Elle and maybe pop on a DVD, i'm thinking Hot Fuzz since i have pretty much spent the last hour and a half quoting it with Mike on skype!

so i guess

that's all folks...

arrivederci mia amicos e amicas

◕‿◕ ♥ xX

EDIT: oh i almoooost forgot about the whole '300th facebook fan' shout out malarkey!!!

ok so after much deliberation and checking of the fan page (HERE - Jade Boylan Illustration) it seems that the 300th fan was... Judith Vernon

now this is extra coolio and merveilleux because it JUST so turns out... that Judith is one of my old teachers from Primary school!

she was my form tutor when i was 5-6 so will forever be 'Mrs Vernon' to me!

anyway, a big THANK YOU to her for being my 300th fan on facebook and thank you to everyone else who has 'liked' the page since as well

thank yoooouuuu ◕‿◕ xX

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