Sunday 29 August 2010

Super Duper Train Times

This morning i got up bright and early (well 9:30am is very early for a Sunday morning!) and had another little tidy up in my room (i swear it's addictive once you get started) i watched a bit of the Belgian Grand Prix until it was time to head off out to Groudle Glen railway.

Sienna was verrry excited about getting to go on the little train. it's the annual 'teddy bear's picnic' today at the railway and all children with a teddy get to ride the train for free.
well Sienna decided to bring my old Dumbo plush along with us instead, but he's still a cuddly teddy-esque toy so who cares right!

after a hike (quite literally) up to the Lime Kiln halt we wondered what to do. were we supposed to walk to the main station or peg it to the cafe? my mum got this snap of me while we were waiting for the train, my weirdly floating hair shows just how chuffing windy it was! my whiter than white complexion is thanks to mum having the flash on... come on mum!
i'm about one step away from turning into Casper the friendly ghost here ◕‿◕

we needn't have worried though because the train suddenly appeared around the corner blowing it's whistle all the way. Sienna's little eyes lit up at the sight of the shiny green engine and the little red carriages and we were soon on our way to the Sea Lion rocks cafe at the end of the tracks. Here's the train arriving to collect us, my mum took these snaps as well. i guess she's my guest photographer for today... but that also explains why i couldn't zoom in to edit any of the photos, never mind mum you tried your best and that's what counts! x
there was a guy dressed up as a teddy bear when we got to the cafe and Sienna got a bit freaked out, i guess she's not too partial to people in character suits, i know the feeling i was petrified of them when i was her age too! anyway, my mum and my cousin Emma abandoned us as soon as they spotted the cafe so it was just me and Sienna (and Dumbo) for the rest of the trip.

Sienna clutched Fumbo (aka Dumbo, don't ask me why she calls him Fumbo i honestly don't have a clue) as we rumbled back along the track to the picturesque little Lhen Coan station.

luckily my friend Alex was the station guard today onboard the train so i even got to deliver the little gifts i bought him during my visit to Cork last week. in case you were wondering... the presents were two tiny little toy trains (Thomas and James to be precise) from 'Thomas the Tank Engine'.

i swear as soon as i handed over those trains he turned into a little kid again making 'choo choo' noises and everything as he pushed them about in the carriage.

ah well, some people will never grow up!

myself included i'm glad to say ◕‿◕

but it really was a fun day and Sienna absolutely loved it which was the main thing after all. she literally didn't stop smiling the entire time we were on that train, it was so lovely. here she is with 'Fumbo' looking happy as can be.
i promised to take her back for the Santa trains that run in December so she's already excited about that, i am too if i'm honest. there's something so sweet about those little trains, you feel a million miles away from any worries or trifling problems you may have at home. you just sit on the train and look out at the Irish sea as you veer along the little cliff top track, it's so sublime.

i mean when we spotted the train coming round the corner it was ok for Sienna to get all excited but had to act all normal like a grown up, however, inside i was screaming 'TRAAAAAAAIN' at the top of my lungs like an excited 4-year-old would.
it's a shame i know but i really will never truly grow up!

anyway, i can definitely recommend it to anyone that lives here in the Isle of Man or is planning on visiting us in the future. even if you don't have any kids with you it's still worth a visit.

it's been open since 1896 and there also used to be a little zoo that accompanied the station. that's why two of the original trains to ever run along the tracks were called 'Sea Lion' and 'Polar Bear'.

to be honest i guess i don't know that much about it, for more information it'd be much better to check out the railways proper website, see it HERE + check out their gallery as well for some great snaps of the trains and the station - Groudle Glen Railway

right well that's it for today, my cousin Mandy has also come back to stay tonight so we're having a 'proper girly' night in.

me + my mum + Sienna + her mum Emma + Emma's sister Mandy

it's sparkly pink nail varnish a-go-go!

gooood times

byeee ♥ ◕‿◕ xX

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