Saturday 28 August 2010

Mademoiselle 'lucky bitch'

This is an old post that i originally posted on my alternate (all about fashion) blog back in February 2010.
i only found this old blog again today and thought i'd share this little post with you because...

A - i'm far FAR too tired to come up with anything new today

B - it has rained all day and even my bright coral pink ruffled coat and lemon dress couldn't brighten my mood sufficiently

C - my cousin Emma and her little 4-year-old daughter Sienna are staying with us (i'm using it as an excuse to be lazy with my blogging)

and D- ... i can't think of a D right now but there probably is one, somewhere. hiding.


February 7 2010
'So today i once again found myself in town surrounded by shops (hurrah) but sadly there was no sign of the delectable male shop assistant in Next (booo) but it was a fruitful day nonetheless.

anyway, as i was sauntering (in as nice and as normal a way as possible) through the aisles of shampoo and hair dye in Boots, i found myself face to face with a woman i may have to refer to as my new idol!

she was tall and quite skinny with gorgeous long titian red hair, a beautiful Herm├Ęs scarf tied around her little neck, a gorgeous black Louis Vuitton shoulder bag and the most heavenly black studded Christian Louboutin boots!

i (of course) recognised that the boots were Louboutins STRAIGHT away, despite only seeing them from the front, i'm not a fashion addict for nothing you know!
but the two slightly older girls that were behind me choosing platinum blonde hair dyes to add to their baskets (already filled with fake tan and lipgloss) and i realised they hadn't really 'clocked' any part of woman's super duper outfit (her jeans looked like Madewell 'matchstick' jeans and her coat was definitely designer, perhaps Moschino, i'm not totally sure) that was until she turned around.

the girls eyes widened at the flash of red on the boots soles as she wiggled over to the hair spray section and i clearly heard one of them hiss 'lucky bitch' as the realization set in of how much the boots alone must be worth etc.

how jealous was i?
well maybe a little bit!
ok maybe a bit more!

if she hadn't of been so effortlessly chic and stunning, and if her coat hadn't been quite so wonderfully tailored i too might have hissed 'lucky bitch' or something similar, but she was so demure and quiet and normal that i just sort of sighed and immediately wished that one day i too could be so utterly fabulous!


so that's it. a v old post, seemed somehow relevant despite being from yonks ago.

ok time for some tea now.
i'm off to the Groudle Glen railway tomorrow for a teddy bears picnic (or something) with Sienna so that will hopefully give me some proper blog fodder

night night all

♫ ♪ ♥ ☆ ◕‿◕ xX

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